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update on most recent shows..
Waterband @clearview inn tavern. Comedy&music. Great mix! Personal venue, great pham, hot bartender!!, and the after party was perfect! :-* Waterband @public square farmers market. Great location for the moving lyrics of the w.b. The weather was great, but bein done w the show at 3pm left us with one dilemma... where n what do we do now?? Thnx to julie n pham for their hospitality. It was a perfect day trip! Waterband @slyfox. Very accommodating bar. Room to dance & hoop! Nice bartender and random patrons. Thnx to BG & K for rescuing me n delievering me to the show! We had a great nite! Freekbass @beachland ballroom 10/15 awesome. 1st experience for me. I enjoyed their short set as did my cuzn who danced his a$$ off to it! Boombox@beachland ballroom 10/15 same ole beat, same ole song, same ole show. Took my 21y.o. cuzn for 1st live music experience. He quit dancing half way thru the show bc as he said "whn they gonna play a different song, I'm sick of this one" lol Afterparty at my house: fun, impromtu, kind and considerate house guests, astrology books, cold beers, candles and incense, a puppy and new phamily, drums guitars and clouds, jam on station on sirius radio, people passed out in random locations, wonderful nite!!! Hope to do tht again soon :-) 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Mon 10/18/2010 12:44 PM