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Pimps of Joytime @ The Independent 1/21/2011
I first saw Pimps of Joytime at Las Tortugas this past October, 2010 and if you have ever been to this festival, its one of the most amazing experiences ever! Days run in together, and at the end of four days you are lucky to remember what costume you had on the night before. There wasn't one night of disappointment in music, but sadly I couldn't remember ALL the new music I had seen. Pimps of Joytime? All I remember is that we walked into the show and the place was boomin' with smiles, grooves and dancing bodies. This past Friday night, it ALL came flooding back. Pimps played at the Independent with the dynamic and energetic Staxx Brothers. Already filled to the rim before Pimps hit the stage- you knew the crowd was ready and had been eagerly waiting the bands come back since October. While The Staxx Brothers were striking and Pimps of Joytime gearing up, DJ Jeremiah was hitting all the right songs and the crowd was feeling it. From where I was standing, front center stage, there wasn't a person around not shaking their booty. Once the Pimps hit the stage and opened with, "San Francisco Bound" the mood was the perfect. This was my 2nd time back to the Independent since their make-over, and I have to say- the stars were aligned Friday night! The energy was bouncing off the walls and into the hearts of everyone around me. It was like being back at Las Tortugas! Thank you Pimps of Joytime, Staxx Brothers and DJ Jeremiah!! 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Tue 1/25/2011 4:59 PM