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Three Artists I've been Living to See

Oh man. Just three. Here goes: Off the top of my head.

WideSpread Panic (I can't get enough.)

My Morning Jacket (Because I've never seen them live.)

Damien Rice (He's been so good to me this month.)

There, I just named three. You happy now. :)

Since I have you here, I also saw Adam Carrol last night (and Brian Martin and their harmonicers) and it was amazing!!! Something about some heartfelt Texas croonings just saves Texas. Ya know? I danced. I danced. I danced. I could dance forever.

(P.S. I'm the only person I know that doesn't own a camera. Just saying.)

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Victor Wooten Sunday at the Rev

My first concert was Bela Fleck opening for Dave Matthews at the Smirnoff in Dallas. Man did Victor and his family take me back. The best thing about going back was that I wound up right back where I was. In the right here and the right now loving life and listening to wonderful music.



Carrie's Sunday afternoon call saying she just got put on the guest by Victor Wooten, calling off all plans to go see Victor Wooten with Carrie, jumping in the shower and getting Victor-Wooten-show ready in no less than twenty minutes, throwing on the most wonderful little black dress, riding downtown with Carrie, walking into the show, drinking cocktails because it only seemed appropriate, dancing, dancing, dancing, meeting God, my little gold purse, realizing that Sunday shows end at 10:00 and that's just nice.

There are never low points anymore but I probably shouldn't have done the handstands in the dress. I know Carrie was the only one who saw, but that's not so lady-like. And I'm a lady.

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Random Music, Random Tuesday

I put on a pretty good show any given day of the week. Highlights of the day:

Pressing snooze  more than a dozen times, waking up with perfect next day hair, remembering I streaked a sandlot the night before, putting on my rockstar-travel by day-outfit just to go work, rocking out UAMS just cause, closing up Boulevard with two local famesters, watching the rain, watching the lightening, watching the streetlights get confused, sitting with Sean, tapping the Spaten, finishing up Sean's crossword, being happy despite the word on the wire, being happy, Carrie's appearence, impromptu Scrabble, Brett Dennen, Flaming Lips, Be Good Tanyas, Gillian Welch, Widespread Panic, Damien Rice, Love, Love, Love.


It's a fine Tuesday. Man, it's good!

Love, Kara ( I mean that.)


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Keller Williams in Fayetteville 1-23-08


My two hour nap before we set off, sending out word to the world and Laurin responding, the feeling of just tossing a dress in a bag and heading off down the road, Queen and Michael Jackson, getting in some good Graeme time, the Ozarks, the portal, coasting into Fayetteville and pulling right up to $2 Boulevards, changing costumes in the Brewery bathroom, finding the front of the stage, singing whatever I so pleased, mouth flugles, forgetting and remembering that everyone singing was Keller alone, falling in love with Keller Williams all over again, dancing elbow to elbow, politely turning down an offer to make-out, Freeker, losing my phone and finding it upon declaration, Laurin's sweet alliterations, Jimmy John's, Two, Nadia, handstands in the pool room, smoking in an unknown jeep, being a woman, being a girl. Driving Laurin on home.


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New Year's Eve 2007 Flaming Lips in OKC

WOW!!!! Highlights:

Best roadtrip crew ever: Carrie, Joe, and Mikal, counting cows and Q's, wine tasting in Aux Arc, random dancing at random gas stations, sing along after sing along, tambourines, shakers, funfetti brownies, even more funfetti brownies, reaizing the utter brilliance of staying in a hotel ATTACHED to the venue, spraypainting our hair to match our outfits, orbs, mimosa's, dancing in our own puddle of beer, overcoming the vomit disaster, passing out whistle pops and kazoos, taking more pictures than should be allowed, THE SHOW, THE CONFETTI, THE BALLS, THE FLAMING LIPS, TIGGER, the ASTRONAUT, being a part of the show, my orange and white striped dress w/silver shoes, CARRIE, dancing and singing in the middle of downtown OKC, the song about Kara, battling the robots, 2:00 a.m. gourmet buffet (hey that rhymed), getting kicked out of the hot tub, spinning in the pool with Carrie, winning the freestyle race, handstands, handstands in Wayne Coyne's yard, funfetti brownies, elevators, imaginary lunch destinations. I'm in love with Carrie. :)

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Damn Bullets ft. Justin Carr, Jordan and Mikal 12 21 2007
It was Joe's birthday, making a twirling entrance into Whitewater Tavern,  beating the good ol' boy and the pretty boys at pool...more than once, having the first pitcher of Blue Moon paid for by an admirer, kicking off the dancing before Jordan's first song even finished, Psycho Killer, Anna Kate's afro and entire outfit, anticipitating my onstage appearance, Joe's sweet sweet nerves, ripping the curtains down and throwing glitter on EVERYONE (and in everyone's beer and whiskey), spotlighting my friends, Justin's excitement, getting to trade spots with Carrie and her Christmas sweater, playing the morocco's and tambourine in the crowd, dancing from one corner of WWT to the other, realizing I too was a rockstar, glitter, Glitter, GLITTER!, Danita's sweet face in flashes throughout the night, showing off Jessica and Georgie, making new friends and hugging new necks, selling t-shirts and c.d.'s for the boys post show, watching boys I'd never met before fall in love with me, falling in love with boys I had never met, (there once was more...and that's a highlight.)

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Modest Mouse and Man Man in Norman, OK


Taking a Friday off, the impromptu road trip to Norman w/mom and Danita, the perfect weather, national shrine of baby Jesus in Prague OK, buying silly souvenirs at the nicest gas station in OK, stopping at the dirtiest gas station in OK to change clothes for the show, once again getting to wear my black and yellow polka dot dress, realizing that we arrived in time for Man Man, eating mushrooms with my mom and Danita in the parking lot, meeting the Australian Modest Mouse fan in will call line, brainstorming unsucessfully on how we could get wrist bands to get on the floor, feeling it all kick in and the exact moment I wanted it to, being the only one dancing amonst 3000 kids, the people watching, the people watching me, thinking that the lead singer was looking right at me the whole time, knowing every song (but one),  finding the swankiest place in Norman, OK to have a drink and realizing that sometimes you just don't fit in...but saying fuck it anyways, late night Moe's, ending up in the nicest hotel in Morgan, OK, getting to see my cousin for brunch, one dollar and one slot machine, listening to my entire Modest Mouse catalogue the entire trip home, rolling back into Little Rock just in time for Man Man at Downtown music.


I love my life.

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Panic in Loveland

How could you not have a good show at place called Loveland? What a great double-header. I heard a few favorites and lots that I wasn't familiar with at all and I danced danced danced. Highlights are nearly innumerable...but we'll give it a go.


Staying in CO's funkiest-Motel, it being just warm enough to wear pretty dresses both nights, not spending a billion bucks on beer, getting to meet Jen's new/old boy Zach, Jenn refusing to accept money for my two tickets, getting away with wandering off by myself out onto the floor the first night even though I wasn't supposed to, hanging with Jenn and Zach in the stands the entire second show, taking turns filling up our water bottle, realizing that I WAS the swarm of yellow jackets, running into Doug, Chainsaw City, Love and Happiness, Walk On, Stop Breakin' Down Blues, All Time Low, high fives, Zach's drum solo, re-affirming my life's purpose, dancing around in circles over and over and over, the kick me and the fellow dancing fool in front of me were getting out of each other, going straight home both  nights and going to bed.


Low points: Losing the last sailboat (please see "going straight home both nights and going to bed.)


Burmingham here we come!!!!!

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Wilco in Little Rock 9/17/07

Hightlights: someone giving me two free tickets the day of the show after I decided I couldn't afford to go, getting to wear my yellow and black polka dot dress, Jake twirling me in my yellow and black polka dot dress, running into a long ago ex in  my yellow and black polka dot dress, discovering the short beer line, seeing so many familiar faces, all the fun haircuts, Jeff Tweedy's hat, the lead guitarist's  solos and feet dancing, taking pulls from Brett's pint of Jack, dancing by myself in the mezzanine, Shot in the Arm, the light show, the band's shadows against the walls of the Robinson, having a view of Amber dancing like a wonderful beautiful mad woman in the pit, the three song encore, playing drums on the parking columns with Jordan, getting a laugh from my My Morning Jacket story, Brett's explanation of why we should kick it longer, going home anyways, Wilco-lyrics-induced love making.


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