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MoonDawg CD Release
MoonDawg is releasing their 3rd disc named <b>Dreams Fall</b>. 

The album will be released at the Draught Haus (formerly known as Rascals) in Winona, MN on February 2, 2008.  The album is killer and the show promises to be as well!

All 11 tracks are moondawg original tunes.  Track 4 "Have Another One" Features Javier Trejo and our friend Nina.

Dreams Fall
1.  Antifader
2.  Covered In Crimson
3.  Hell Cube
4.  Have Another One
5.  Too Late
6.  Indifference
7.  Ayden's Song
8.  25 Years
9.  Go!
10. Bloody Bubblicious
11. Dreams Fall

Dreams Fall Album Review
Mikey Paul 89.5 KQAL Radio
"MoonDawg's most recent release titled Dreams Fall shows this quartet is still here to rock.  With a revitalized new formation with the addition of drummer Al MacDonald and an always impressive live show, they are showing what the Winona, MN area music scene has to offer.  By not conforming to what's trendy, they were able to produce a solid rock-and-roll album in the classic sense of the word while doing something new and their own.  It presents MoonDawg's musical diversity with their abilities to change style types, moods, and lead parts for all their instruments and vocalists throughout the album.  Lead vocalist and guitarist Bryan Crigler shows the presence of a front-man with his distinct unique vocal styling.  Lead guitarist Jim Trouten displays his great guitar and vocal abilities on songs like 'Too Late' and 'Indifference'.  The heartbeat of the band is held down by the solid rhythm section made up of bass player Scotty Lochner and drummer Al Macdonald."

Be sure to not miss this one.
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