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Gregory Isacc
 Was moved last night. Taken by the music every breath every peace of my being was aware of the stage and who Id had just fallen in love with. The drums rushed through my body and I coudn't even move. I cried. I got very sick. MY body didnt know what to do. I am used 2 going with every beat and this beat would have taken me far away. I was at Lupos in Providence. Great place to see a show if your used to Toads or Webster. No thanks Id rather not go if I can help it. Although I would have went wed. if I know what Iknow now. My new love, the music got into my soul finally, My eyes couldn't tear from him and the desire for him to play for ever was so strong. I watched him leave the stage and cried fearful I would never have the honor again. Ilove u. Ill write later. Just never want to forget. the last time I felt like that I was at the Meadows and me and my boyfriend at the time hadeaten some x. I had never seen any of the dead. Id listen but not live. It was the dead without Jerry, it was raining very lightly, MISSISSIPPI HAlF STEP was playing and Iwas taken. I think theirs parts of your life that music change the road a little. Iam out of it and tired so peace........................................................
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Super happy
    So Im addicted to my space but I dont  feel that at home their. Basically its all face value. Im happy to discover theirs a place where the hippies hang. People who love jam bands, festivals, and a whole lot more. So looking forward to chatting. PEACE
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