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I haven't seen any live music since Bonnaroo. That's too long, in my opinion. I wonder if it would be worth it to hit the Brickhouse in Jonesboro next weekend? I also hear there's a jazz trio at Gracie's Coffee Station on Tuesdays. It would make my year to hear there was a Jeff Coffin Mu'tet or Béla Fleck & the Flecktones tour that would hit the Revolution Music Room this winter. Or hey--the Brickhouse seems to be attracting bigger bands these days; dare I hope for the Mu'tet in Jonesboro?

I think that might be asking a bit much.
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The Festival Bug
You know, it's weird. When I tell people about it, it doesn't SOUND much like Bonnaroo would give me the festival bug. As far as the camping part goes, I hated it like no other. I did not like the tent. I did not like the heat. I did not like the lack of air conditioner, the inaccessibility of showers, and the constant feeling that I was sticky as very sticky hell. When we go back, there will be an RV involved.

But will I go back? Absolutely yes. It was crowded & too hot to breathe, but wow. You'd be walking around, eating your samosa & minding your own business and BAM--you'd walk past a stage with a band that blew your mind. Or you'd be waiting on "your" band at a certain stage, just kinda cruising through whatever other acts might be there, and you'd pop up off your blanket in surprise and gape at the band who just took the stage.

Two bands did this to me at 'Roo: Trombone Shorty & John Butler Trio.

We were wandering around looking at all the food offerings one day (Saturday, maybe?) when we passed Which Stage and heard Trombone Shorty. I was INSTANTLY hooked; I think they might've been playing Neph. Maybe Hurricane Season. In any case, it was amazing & completely unusual, and I stopped, transfixed. We kept wandering around looking for something to eat, but always stayed within earshot of the stage. It was really amazing, and the day we got home I downloaded Trombone Shorty's recent album. Not a single moment of regret, either; I listen to songs from it every day. Big favorites: Neph, The Cure, Hurricane Season, On Your Way Down, Right to Complain.

Sunday, we waited all day at the What Stage for Dave Matthews Band. DMB was the reason I was at 'Roo in the first place, and along with a couple of newly-met DMB fan friends, we snagged prime seats right on the back rail of the pit and stayed there all day. We decided that would be better than trying (and failing) to get into the pit itself at the time of the show. At 1pm I was lying on a blanket with my husband Bryan & 3 new friends (Mike, Josh, & John) and trying not to roast to death in the unrelenting sun and astounding heat when John Butler Trio took the stage and blew my freaking mind. I jumped up and stood for the entire concert, standing next to a girl who was a huge fan. I was FLOORED I'd never heard of this group before, especially since they dovetail so nicely with what I like about Dave Matthews Band. (My dream festival stage lineup is now John Butler Trio, Jeff Coffin Mu'tet, Béla Fleck & the Flecktones, & DMB with a giant jam with EVERYONE at the end.) At any rate, I did the very same thing with JBT that I did with Trombone Shorty: I came home, and I downloaded. I got April Uprising & I'm currently in the process of buying all their other albums as well. Big favorites: Ocean, Don't Wanna See Your Face, C'mon Now, Revolution.

SO! While the festival camping was not my bag, between the amazing people we met & the great food & the way new music discovers YOU instead of the other way around, I am forever a festival girl. My poor husband, who is not as into live music as I am & who certainly shares my view on camping, may be somewhat dismayed to hear this. :)
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