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 damn . . . i cant begin  think @ wut a summer of music this has been---> RoThBuRy cant wait 2 go back for more nxt year #3!!!! when we got home on the 6th of july we were lucky 2 arrive home 2 a GOVT MULE show on the 7th @ da rvr frnt in peoria illinois!!  sorry cnt get enough of rothbury~STRING CHEESE was the ssshhhiiitttttttt lovd it got it in video thank u ! KW & SCI luv it!! *#*#FIRE WORKS*#*# w the  DEAD!!  good ol US BLUES willie again :) the first time i saw  bob dylan i was 13w my bestie@ the state fairNOW wow!!does age take ur voice :( ~~MOE came 2 c us in peoria illinois . . .  not done will finish ltr : p

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IM so ready 2 GO BACK
    Rothbury is almost here this years line awsome  im coming home with video 2 wtch 4ever  2 sets of string cheese, + 2 sets of the DEAD another 4th of july with LES CLAYPOOL, john butler , bob dylan+++ many more : ) i wnt B home 2 catch my river front shows bt ill still c YONDER @ rothbury ** i have been going 2 shows @ the rivr frnt since i ws 13 i grew up wtchn showz @ the madison theatre bt it closed peoria gave us the landing stage!! good ol time dancin 2 blue magoo! now the bands they bring 2 us R remarkable its such a bleesing  2  hear all my good tunes right here at home!!!!
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*~*~: )~*~*~
the Dead show was unforgetable- we had shitty seats bt i heard & felt the music just fine!!! we managed to get closer during the set break* i cld nt stop smiling it was good 4 charlie & i to get away from work and all the BS  i wld love to jst go on tour but i still have daddy duty! ~~~~~~~~~~ *****SuMmEr CaMp 2009*********
  it was GOLDEN alright i had a blast i spent my Bday with good people and i celebrated with all of summer camp my bday tunes were special to me!!; chicago farmer,keller,LesClaypool, jaik willis(summer camp slut), cornmeal etc...
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r little angel
      3-23-09 Charlie and I went to our first doctors appt. I was at the time 9 weeks we didn't expect to walk out with tears, the nurse was performing the internal sonogram and  i did see little hands , little feet but but no heartbeat she turned off the monitor and walked out quickly to get the doctor we were left alone in  the room for a while by then i had figured it out! I was so heartbroken and upset i just wanted to go home!!!  I receive comfort in telling myself it was a blessing in disguise we still plan to get married soon!! now we have a little angel  I Love Charlie with all my heart and we will make it through together!!!  "soul one"
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thrz sumting in my belly!!!!
Charlie & I are going to b parents!! wow! it was a surprise but yet a blessing!! i found out 3-1 i guess i put my foot  in my mouth when i was bragging @ how im 1 of the only 1 left w/out kids! not any more i will be big and miserably all summer long my plans to celebrate my 23rd @ summercamp are limited:( oh well im gonna b a mommy i get to have my own show baby instead of gavin & bree!  Charlie is really happy!! im proud to have him as my soul mate!!!
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Here We GO......
  The New Year is in full swing... started out awsome couldn't get any better spendn 12-31 w/ good ol friendz & great Music @ Eamon Patricks nothing beats the one an only * FarMeR* & brainchild taking home the  tunes FarMeR   gotta love the real stuff! I made to the Keller Show 2-6, what a blast nice to see him do his thang again solo! BEST of all my buddy lost his wallet by the pizza place behind the Canopy & I ran into keller & got a pix together!!!  cant wait 2 see him again 5-23SUMMERCAMP my bday!!  Im almost out of funding i managed 2 get ahold of dead ticket 4 chicago, planning year#2 @ RoThBuRy!!!! makin it to railroad earth in march, cornmeal @canopy, Cave Fest.+ Many more!~ thankful 4 ChicaGo FarMeR  showz @ home when i can get off work!!!
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Itz @ time
 PHISH on tour and The DEAD what a beautiful start to a new year! The reunion of Mike and Trey @ RoThBuRy was a tease now its the real deal!!
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200_... what?
  New year, New struggles New thoughts hope 2 better that the last!  realizing this is my life & MY choices no one to write it out for me. .. I once thought i was not ready for the world , now i realize the world is not ready for me.  2009 marks golden year 23 on  May 23rd!!   This yr #1 understanding   alzheimers what i like  2 call Daddy Duty!!  hes my buddy & im his baby girl! I moved back home to help my mom, providing care while she works full time then i get to be myself an go 2 my shows!! the fun thing @ alzheimers is ur always meeting new people!! i've learned to laugh with it cause honestly im all cried out! it is exhausting! Pe@cE LoVe  ~
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 I purchased 3 ROTHBURY tickets on my credit card 1 for me & 2 for a friend couple of mind WE ALL AGREED they would pay me back in full i asked them to sign a piece of paper with their signature just in case (iv seen court T.V.).  The festival came and went and so did my payment i am and was very patient considering they owe me @ $550 it was brought to my attention they had no intention in taking responsibilty  & refused to pay me I have been understanding with the fact they are both parents to a little girl im not tring to cause problems i just want my money! i  have been advised to collect their debt  through the court system but im willing to settle this out of court i dont want to be a pest Im just hurt they would do that to meI have now realized a lesson lived is a lesson learned! fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me!!!  .Im not being irrational  i figured there was a girl out ther named KARMA and she bites really Hard!!!
good luck Josh & Jackie    Pe@cE!!!!!
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brr itz almost cold
 Summer is over and the leaves have fallen. i will miss the warm hugs from the sun w/ nice green grass  My grass is Blue all year long !     when the snow has fallen !!!!the sun is hiding itz time to jam inside this is what i listen 2- Down the Line, Old crow medicine show, ChicaGo FarMeR, rail road earth, blind melon, rev.peytons big damn band, Xavier Rudd , Ben Harper P  Itz been a SUMMER the 1st Rothbury was remarkable!! I would love 2 go back next year if they continue compared to bonnaroo I would choose Michigan not Tennessee.  visually it has natural beautiful land (sherwood forest) i love the paralell tree colonies couple miles from the lake nice lay out the line up was breathless 4th of july w/PRIMUS+ lil phish reunion trey&mike
i meet michael franti. Not 2 mention I got 2 take my bratz back 2 summer camp itz now a Family Tradition My sister & our three bratz i love my show babies!! Bree is my mini hippie i guess thats what happens when aunt melonie does gene therapy LOL  Love the music discovering NEW 2 me  tunes  . the local hot spot 4 summer shows was paddy Os in Morton; jaik willis, chicago farmer, easy riders,  creek road,  ramblers, it was nice to have good tunes close to home thanks mccabe! . . .   
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