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Looking for a good bassist and drummer

I want to spruce up my jamming with some good, seasoned musicians before I go to med school next August 2010. It will be some of the last few moments of freedom with my guitar and some people to play with.

If you are in the Dallas area, send me a message, and I'll try to find some time and place where we can meet.

And there's always time to hit up the jamband shows!

Experience: Guitar- 6 years- blues and reggae based...but more than anything with jam- band endurance. I can create spontaneous solos straight from the head.

Bass (looking for one)-  I would like to find a funk bassist that can do some slapping.

Keys (looking for one)

Drummer- any one will suffice, as long as they've been playing and practicing for more than a year.

Let me know!

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