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David Brogan Group - Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, CA (8/14/08)

ALO member David Brogan stepped out from behind his drum kit to front his own band on acoustic guitar. Is there something in that Seattle water? First Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters/Nirvana fame and now David Brogan. Brogan's band features Paul Hoaglin of The Mother Hips on bass, Tony Severner of Honeycut on drums, and Tim Young (Zony Mash/Jessie Baylin) on guitar. San Francisco Bay Area's Collin Hoops of Big Light and Kanvus is featured on keys.

First song Brogan did was a solo "Brother Be Strong” An ALO favorite of mine that he wrote. Then he invited Tim Young & Paul Hoaglin to join him for the next two songs which I didn't recognize. After that Tony & Colin joined the band for the rest of the show. Next they played a spirited version "Fly". It had been six months (Mystic Theater) since the last ALO show I’d seen so the Brogan ALO classic's made me smile from ear to ear.

I was sitting toward the back of dance floor chilling with a pint of Poppy Jasper when I notice this guy walk buy me and it was none other than Trevor Garrod from Tea Leaf Green. He sat down next me with a friend of his. A song or two later he went for a drink at the bar when I asked his friend is that Trevor from Tea Leaf Green to which they replied yes. I had to get that old stoner's verification since I had ripped it up before David's set. The band was now launching into there new material first up was "Broken Record". Then "Pemberton Steps" which in the middle of the band got locked in and played a very spirited jam. All five band members were leaning in toward the drummer Tony paying attention to each other. It was the defining moment of the night for me when all five members of the band were playing together as one like a locomotive barreling down the tracks. I wasn't the only one to notice this even Trevor shot up out of his obstructed view seat and climbed up on chair to see what he was hearing. Next up was the new song that I was waiting for all night "Stoney Fields" which they did not disappoint. Then they invited Lebo on stage for a run through "Wasting Time". Then they finished up with Cat Stevens "Wild World" & "Lady Loop".

This band did impress me and would definitely go see them again in a heartbeat. I was a little disappointed in the fan turnout. The band was deserving of a bigger audience.


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Heady year so far...

The year 2008 started with me at ALO New Years Eve show in San Francisco. After midnight during the second set an unannounced surprise guest Bill Kreutzmann (Grateful Dead) joined ALO on drums for a run through "They Loved Each Other>Use Me>They Loved Each Other"...

Then later in January the 26th to be exact. A day before my birthday it was Phil & Friends Mardi Gra celebration at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. Parade of floats during 17 minute long IKO, IKO with Ivan Neville joining in on keys and vocals was something to be seen...

2/4 "Deadheads for Obama" Mickey Hart, Bob Weir joined Phil & Friends for special show at The Warfield. Third set on the floor made me so happy my head nearly exploded. Sit down and enjoy the show said, Mr. Obama as all the heads laughed at such a notion of sitting down at a dead concert...

2/15 Not a former dead member sighting but ALO did play "Scarlet Begonias" for the first time ever @ Moe's Alley in Santa Cruz. Dan Lebowitz (guitarist) providing lead vocals. Great way to start the second set. It's up on YouTube...

4/20 Green Apple Music Festival (Earth Day) at Speedway Meadow in Golden Gate Park. Mickey Hart was joined by surprise guest Bob Weir for a beautiful "Blackbird" then Michael Kang (String Cheese) & Ben Kaufmann (Yonder Mtn String Band) joined them for runs through "Peggy-O" & "Friends of the Devil" before closing with "Not Fade Away" with help from Joan Baez & Tommy Lee...

4/29 Dark Star Orchestra at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Albert Hofmann the man who created LSD had died that day and the band dedicated "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" to him...

5/13 Phil & Friends were joined by Bob Weir for most of the show. This was the kickoff show for a 5 night run at the famed Warfield in San Francisco. Rumor has it this was the last shows for the Bill Graham decorated Warfield... :(

And I thought ALO's 2008 hiatus was going to be a big time downer but seeing these Phil & Bobby reunions have made up for it in spades. It's been a great year so far for bay area deadheads and it's not even memorial day weekend yet!

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Green Apple Music Festival, Golden Gate Park (Earth Day)

A beautiful day as I nestled my spot in golden gate park. I was about 20 yards from the stage on the right side. Just missed Brett Dennen set and wasn't to happy with myself about it. Oh well glad I caught him at HSMF last year. Next up was Dan Hicks and Hot Licks w/ Michael Kang of SCI in tow. They were a nice warm up for Yonder Mountain String Band. When Yonder started playing I walked to center stage to see if Jon Fishman was playing drums for them like he did friday night at the warfield. He wasn't, but that didn't stop YMSB from getting everybody on the feet & dancing. They opened with "Casualty" and then ripped into a bumpin "Steep Grade Sharp Curves". Which is now my new favorite tune of there's. They finished up there set with there heady jingo "Two Hits & The Joints Turned Brown". Not surprised they played that song on 4/20. Yonder set lasted about 60 minutes and everybody wanted more but understood.

After some earth day announcements and some famous rambling by Wavy Gravy out came Mickey Hart & Bob Weir. Bobby was a surprise guest and I couldn't have been happier about it. They launched right into "Blackbird" which was a nice little acoustic ditty. All the heads were smiling for as far as these red eyes could see. Then Michael Kang & Ben Kaufmann joined the duo for runs threw "Peggy-O" & "Friend of the Devil". Then Mickey assembled his drum circle with the likes of Jon Fishman, Tommy Lee & many others. They did some freeform for a while then we were unsure what they were going into either "Aiko" or "Not Fade Away". It was "NFA" and Bobby came back out for it but Mickey shut it down early. The band left the stage and 30 seconds later Weir, Hart, Kang, Lee & Joan Baez came back out to finish "Not Fade Away" to crowds delight. I just like that it was over and it was time to pack up and head out. I'd say there was somewhere between 50,000 to 75,000 people at the event by the end. Be sure to check out video's on YouTube. A very heady day in the park for sure!

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Two steppin with ALO's Tour D'Amour II

2/15 Moe's Alley, Santa Cruz, CA

Got stuck in the long line for first two songs. Could hear the songs so it wasn't that bad. Better late than never! Purchased a new ALO hat to keep me warm. Then I grabbed a Sierra Nevada and settled in. Try had a nice new feel to it as did Walls of Jericho. Both were played with a new beat that lead into some sweet grooves. Nice new versions! Lebo playing in the middle on Shine gave me chills it had a Pink Floyd sound to it. I immediately looked into my drink to make sure there wasn't a little tab floating around causing this sensation. There wasn't! BBQ was a nice way to wrap up the first set.

2nd set opener Scarlet Begonias was a surprise and sounded great. You could tell who the deadheads were with those ear to ear smiles. Loved it! And in true Grateful Dead fashion they jammed right into Shapeshifter effortlessly. Of all the ALO tunes to jam into shapeshifter was the perfect call. A Scarlet Begonias>Fire on the Mountain would've been asking too much. Maybe someday? This was my 12th ALO show and my first Fly. I was very happy about that too. Possibly Drown and Lady Loop were funktastic as always. Haji Memashite got every going again after Na Na Na Na a-thon. Encore one brought us Girl, I wanna lay you down & Maria. The santa cruz crowd was relentless and demanded more and the guys felt the love and came back out for one more. I can't go for that cover lead to the crowd singing this one to an end as ALO had left the building. Great show back were it all started for me in April of 2006. Smooty bass playing impresses me more each time I see them. He is the funky back bone. These guys aren't afraid to try new covers. Does any band sing with as much soul as these guys do? I was trying to think of way to describe there music but the best I could come up with was "The Funky Soul Medina"! Got a good night sleep before Truckin' off to Petaluma!

2/16 Mystic Theater, Petaluma, CA

Rolled into the mystic for the first time. Nice seats to dance floor ratio. On the way in bumped into Rachel who I recognized from the night before in Santa Cruz and chit chatted about it. I was down on the dance floor as if there anywhere else to be with this band. They came charging out of the gate with Maria and then Roses & Clover. Next up was Girl, I wanna lay you down> Stereo Crickets. Then they brought out Aaron Redner from Hot Buttered Rum to add some violin on a very spirited Ophelia. Maybe the highlight of the show for me. Then we chilled into Water Song & The Garden of smooty. Next up was another one of my favorite covers Yes We Can, Can and then a new groovin' version of Walls of Jericho closed out the first set. During the set break I hung out with new ALO friends I'd met Jenny, Janette & Kristen.

Rolled back into the theater to Brother Be Strong a David Brogan favorite of mine. Great way to start the 2nd set two nights in a row. Thank You ALO! Then the favs just kept coming with Country Camper, BBQ & Kolomana. Next was Lady Loop which was the closer of sets this tour. The band got the crowd singing NA NA NA NA and left the stage and crowd kept going until they returned for the encore and picked back up with Lady Loop and finished it. Then Try and Animal Liberation closed out the show at 1am due to a strict curfew. Every member of this band kicks ass in there own way. These were my 12th & 13th shows in 22 months and each new show brings me happiness. Now Zach will add his flavor to Jack Johnson world tour so no ALO shows for a little while.

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Deadheads for Obama (Reunion)

Bobby, Phil & Mickey! If this was the last time they play together, I'll be sad! I'm glad I was there! Everybody had big smiles on there faces including famous deadhead Bill Walton who was down on the floor. Nothing better than a Dead show. Phil was on, Bobby had his songs, Mickey back in saddle. Jackie was born to sing Sugaree. Mark Karan healthy and up to the task at hand. Barry Sless was fantastic as was the whole band. They really shared the music well. Mickey you've been missed with those tempo changes & build-ups. Up next ALO's Tour d'Amour II, Valentine's week 2008!

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My 2007 concert reviews...


14th, Valentine's day, Ratdog @ the Fillmore...First set they played a sweet "Brown-Eyed Women" and the 2nd set "West LA Fadeaway" allowed Jeff Chimenti to get loose on keys and stood out. Also "They Loved Each Other" was played for the first time by the dog. They encored with "Brokedown Palace". Always tuff being single at a valentine's day show but such is life!


5th, ALO "Roses & Clover" album release party @ the Fillmore...They mostly played the new album which was fine by me. The boyz invited cutie Jessie Baylin (opened) out to sing "Dreams" a Fleetwood Mac cover and they nailed it. Lebo made his vocal debut with "Try" and it's official every member of this band sings a song and there all good. Right before the encore this drunken guy kept yelling play "Super Freak" even though Lebo said they would play a Roses & Clover tune for the encore. So right before Lady Loop encore started Lebo had to set drunkard straight since he was still yelling by informing him "Super Freak" is a Rick James song and therefor not on the Roses & Clover album. No Rick James Bitch!

18th, Sing out for Seva Benefit @ the Grand Ballroom (Rhythm Devils, Tea Leaf Green, Zero & Chris Robinson) Celebrating Wavy Gravy's 71st Birthday. Fun show Tea Leaf Green ripped it up with an acoustic set. Pete Sears sat in on accordian for "The Garden". Rhythm Devils were playing with George Porter JR subbing for Mike Gordon & John Molo subbing for Bill Kreutzmann. They played all the same Robert Hunter tunes they played in fall 2006 tour. My favorite was "Your House" with mad druming. Zero with Steve Kimock & Melvin Seals played to the frisco crowds delight. Chris Robinson (Black Crows) had a nice little acoustic set as well. Cool show although the sets were a little short. The grand ballroom is Shnazzy but could've used more seats since people were sitting on the floor and stairs.


7th-8th, High Sierra Music Festival (2-day pass)...First up was Everyone Orchestra which was real nice and mello. Then Tea Leaf Green on the big meadow saturday night. They played my favorite "Devil's Pay" and invited allot of their friends to play with them. Bumped into some old friends (10 yrs) Shannon, Matt & family. Went to bed fairly early saturday night (rare) since Sunday was the day I was there for. First up 11am Ryan Montbleau Band opened with a Johnny Cash cover "Sunday Morning Coming Down" very fitting considering time, place & people. Love that song nice start. First time seeing my hometown Massachusetts natives. Ryan seems like a singer/songwriter trapped in a band. Band did sound good though. Next up Brett Dennen with Dan Lebowitz & Steve Adams from ALO backing him. Real relaxed set very nicely played. Played all my favorite songs of his including "So Long Sweet Misery". Next up ALO @ the big meadow stage. Somebody had an inflatable shark that was bouncing like a beach ball in the first few rows. Awesome "Possibly Drown" and then they invited John Cruz out to play his song "Shine On" with them. Nice "Barbecue" with mashed potato verse to start. Finished up with "Maria" Then I walked over to catch the rest of Page McConnell set which was lively. Then at 11pm rolled into Funk 'N' Jamhouse for ALO/Tea Leaf Green late night show. First up ALO started with Lady Loop bass line to draw the crowd in. It was like an oven in there but nobody cared we danced until the music stopped. Jon Gutwillig from the Disco Biscuits came out and they played a super sweet Shapeshifter. Later Scott Law came out and they played "Plastic Bubble". The whole ALO late night show rocked. By the end of the set I was physically exhausted and had to call it a night even though I wanted to see Tea Leaf Green again. First High Sierra was a success and will be making this an annual thing for as long as I live on the west coast.  

12th, Brett Dennen @ the Fillmore...Had so much fun at his set at high sierra figured I’d see them again. Lebo & Smooty were still backing him. Not as good as high sierra. Highlights were "She's Mine", "Blessed", "Ain't No Reason" and finished up with "Touch of Grey" for the encore.


18th & 19th, ALO @ Soho, Santa Barbara...The boyz were back in UCSB territory and played 2 very inspired shows. This was my first time at Soho the home of so many legendary ALO shows. I really liked the outdoor patio especially during set break. The highlights were too many to name them all. But they started with a super funky "Shapeshifter" and it was on. Night two started with Wasting Time a local favorite. The 2nd set started with "Possibly Drown" and included, "Plastic Bubble", "Barbecue" & "Garden". Mixed in that set was "One Size Fits All" which was a first for me. They finished the 2nd night with my new favorite version of "Hot Tub" (another first) which was a nice call by Hillary. It was at these shows they became my new favorite band!


25th & 26th, Las Tortugas "Dance of the Dead II", Evergreen Lodge, Yosemite National Park...ALO had a special thursday midnight kickoff show that lasted until 4:40am. It was little cold but the music kept you moving therefor providing some heat. Pirates of Rock was the theme and they did rock. They played again later that night. The 2nd night gave us a rare "Rotting Pumpkin" (another first) & that show closed with "Into the Mystic" (another first) cover. A nice little group hug to close things out. No better scenery near a concert venue, none! Had to leave saturday due to Red Sox being in World Series and I only had a 2 day pass.


27th, Phil Lesh & Friends @ the Warfield (Jackie Greene B-Day show)...Hadn't seen Phil since 2004 Dead run. Hadn't seen Phil & Friends since 2002 Gathering of the Vibes in upstate New York. I had listened to Nokia & Greek shows on LMA and wasn't impressed but this show was amazing. Phil & the band were playing inspired. Opened with "Bertha" then closed the first set with "Sugaree" that was off the charts good. Then a little Reckoning acoustic set with a super sweet "Peggy-O" Then the 3rd set started with Shakedown Street one of my favorites then they played into "Althea" were Jackie was cooking on B-3 during this song. Later on a Help>Slip>Frank sealed the deal. This was as good as some of the Dead shows I'd seen 2002-2004. The soundboard of this show was purchased immediately. It was that good!


15th, Ratdog playing the Rex Foundation Benefit @ the Warfield...I was a little bummed out since Steve Kimock wasn't playing like he had all tour for Mark Karan. But Barry Sless filled in nicely with his pedal steel playing. Plus a healthy Mark Karan was playing. The show was a little jazzy for my taste but fun none the less.

29th & 31st, ALO @ the Independent...First night highlights opening BBQ then Adam Topol joining them for "Mashed Potato". 2nd set "Ophelia" cover the "Brother Be Strong were redonkulous! After the show out front I bumped into a friend from Massachusetts I hadn't seen in 5 years that lives out hear now. We made plans to meet up next night show but I missed the 2nd night show with a near death experience. But I recovered quickly and returned for the NYE show which was my 11th ALO show. Met up with my old buddy and his crew from Santa Rosa and we all had a blast. We got a "Country Camper", "Possibly Drown", "Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down" & "Wasting Time" all before midnight. Right after the countdown at midnight they played a fantastic "Sledgehammer" cover with the ladies (Jenna & Amy) on back-up vocals. Then they played a fan favorite "Plastic Bubble" and it's good! Later in the set Bill Kreutzmann (Grateful Dead) came out and played drums on They Loved Each Other>Use Me>They Loved Each Other. Then they closed the run the same way it all started with BBQ>Auld Lang Zyne>BBQ.

That's my concert year in review for 2007


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Legends of the Fall (2006)

It all started in San Francisco on October 14, 2006 at the Fillmore and ended December 8th at the Warfield. But what happened in those 55 days was music for my soul.

10/14/06, ALO, The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA

ALO was playing the Fillmore for the first time as a headliner. There was a buzz in the air before entering the venue with mention of a Jack Johnson sighting. This was my second ALO show having seen them in the spring at Moe's Alley in Santa Cruz. This show had special theme "The Abnormal Formal" and people were dress accordingly including the band. They opened with a new song "Maria" which was nice unexpected start. New material played live before it's on a album or released is one of my favorite things about going to a concert. Then they played "Plastic Bubble", "Pobracito" & "Possibly Drown" all early favorites of mine. Then they inviting High Sierra friend Brett Dennen on stage. Brett played one of his songs "She's Mine" we was sweet tune with allot of vocal soul. Never heard of him before but liked this song so much I bought his album and wasn't disappointed. These are my favorite moments at concerts when a musical guest comes out and plays with the band. After Brett left the stage they ran through some more of my favorites "Walls of Jericho" & "Shapeshifter". Next up they invited John Whoolilurie (Mojow & the Vibration Army) to play sax on "Country Camper". He didn't disappoint ripping it up and making this my favorite camper EVER! The rumor was confirmed when they invited college buddy and there record label boss Jack Johnson and his acoustic guitar to the stage as Zach dubbed him the impresario. They played "What's Gone Wrong>Better Together>Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down, Rodeo Clowns" then Dan Lebowitz sat down a played some lap steel for "Wasting Time (Isla Vista Song)> Mudfootball". Lap steel on mudfootball was phenomenal. Then Jack left and they played "Barbeque" one of there pioneering songs. Next up was birthday sing-along for Dan Lebowitz before inviting Jack back out to play The Band's cover "I Shall be Released" with Lebo back on lap steel. Finally they invited everybody back on stage including opening act Honeycutt to sing "Lights" by Journey. What a wonderful way to close the first headlining appearance at the Fillmore. Amazed how well ALO played Jack's songs without a glitch. I was very impressed. You have arrived young bay area band. Headlining a sold-out Fillmore for the first time was better than the dream I bet if you asked them.

10/21 & 10/22 Bridge School Benefit, Shoreline Amp, Mountain View, CA

The Bridge School Benefit is an annual non-profit charity concert held every October at the Shoreline Amphitheatre. The concerts are all organized by musician Neil Young and his wife, Pegi. The proceeds benefit the Bridge School, which assists children with severe physical impairments and complex communication needs.

First up Foo Fighters...They sounded very polished having played there whole "Skin & Bones" tour acoustic. Violinist and singer Petra Haden pitched in and former Foo guitarist (and Germs veteran) Pat Smear also rejoined the group for these performances. They played "Big Me", "Skin & Bones", "Marigold", "My Hero" & "Everlong". They played with precision and Petra Haden voice added to the songs.

Next up Brian Wilson...He ran through Beach Boys classics “Wouldn't It Be Nice”, “Help Me Rhonda” and “Good Vibrations”. He closed his set with “Johnny B. Goode”. People may have been there to see other bands but that didn't stop everybody from enjoy this set. My parents use to play the Beach Boys all the time so it conjured up memories of my early childhood. I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one. 

Next up Pearl Jam...They are bridge school veterans playing more times than anyone not named Neil Young. This was my third time seeing them play this benefit 1994 & 1996 being the other two. They played some new songs "Parachutes" & "Gone". They played "Masters of War" a Dylan cover. They played old favs "Elderly Woman in a Small Town", "Better Man", "Thin Air", "Daughter", "Man of the Hour" & "Black" They closed saturday set with "Crazy Mary" & sunday set with "Throw Your Hatred Down" with Neil Young sitting in. This band clearly enjoys these shows & there friendship with Neil. They been doing Bridge School shows since 1992 and have seen kids go all the way through the school. They have a personal connection to this event.

Next up Dave Matthews Band w/ Rashawn Ross sitting in on Trumpet...This was my second time seeing them at this benefit 1997 being the first. That 1997 show John Popper sat in for a twenty minute "Tripping Billies" one of my DMB all time favorite moments. They started Saturdays set with "Loving Wings" which started slow but finished with Rashawn Ross going beserk. WOW! Then they played "Grace is Gone" and "Warehouse" were they integrated the Cuban national anthem as they had done all tour. Then "Ants Marching" started and Rashawn Ross came flying out of the gate and left the rest of the band to play catch up. The samurai on drums followed the lead and so did the rest of the band. Neil Young came out and they closed there first night set with a sweet "Cortez the Killer". Night two they started with "Crash Into Me", "Everyday" & one of my all time favorite DMB songs "Jimi Thing". Next up was another pair favorites "Too Much" with a sweet Batman tease and "Tripping Billies". They finally closed there weekend with Neil in tow playing "Down by the River". Rashawn Ross stole the show with his feverish playing brought out the jamming that's been missed by this DMB fan since 1997. Just when I thought I was out after they released "Stand Up" album they sucked me back in with these two memorable sets.

Next up Neil Young...He played great versions of "Harvest Moon" "Long May You Run", "Four Stong Winds" & "Old Man". Then he played my favorite Neil tune "One of these Days" I gonna sit down and write a long letter to all the good friends I've known, One of these days! Next he played "Comes a Time" with his wife Pegi. Another great Bridge School Benefit weekend for a great cause. Thank you Neil & Pegi. Lucky for me and music fans Neil has released some of the past 20 years acoustic music from The Bridge School shows on I-Tunes. It's some of my most cherished music on my I-POD!

10/28/06, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, Santa Barbara Bowl

First time at the bowl here in Santa Barbara. Caught a cold on the 6 hour drive down. Four shows in 14 days may have had something to do with it. Grabbed a brewski and settled into my seat toward the top of the bowl. This was my third time seeing the acoustic duo. The first two were at the Warfield in 1997 very memorable. They started this show with "Bartender" then they played "Crush" which reminds me of a love for a good friend I once thought I would marry. We never got together and I was crushed! Next was "Lie In Our Graves", "Cry Freedom", "Crash Into Me" and "Jimi Thing". Dave left the stage and Tim did a solo for a while. Dave returned and they launched into a very spirited "Gravedigger". Next was "Where Are You Going" & "Satellite" before finishing with "Dancing Nancies".

12/01/06, Rhythm Devils, The Warfield, San Francisco, CA

This was a Rex Benefit show and I was up top in the balcony. Can't take a beer to your seat but you can burn a fatty. Only in Frisco got to love it! Robert Hunter opened and it was great to here his songs before Jerry and boys got a hold of them and rearranged them. Then the Rhythm Devils took the stage. The band was made up of Mike Gordon on bass, Steve Kimock on guitar, Mickey Hart & Bill Kreutzmann on drums, Jen Durkin on vocals with special guests Sikiru Adepoju drums & Giovanni Hidalgo on bongos sitting in for the entire show. They opened with a great Janis Joplin cover "Piece of my Heart". Jen Durkin did Janis proud! They played "Seven Seconds" a new Robert Hunter tune which I liked allot. Then Bob Weir came out and they did "Cumberland Blues" and then Bob was gone as fast as he came. Next was another new Hunter tune "Your House" and Giovanni Hidalgo on bongos really stood out. Best version of that song all tour. Then Bobby came back out and they played a Rhythm Devils tune "Fountains of Wood" before launching into "New Speedway Boogie" & "Good Lovin" to close the first set. The second set started with Bobby and they played "Scarlet Begonias> Fire on the Mountain. Next was "Next Dimension" & Drums. Robert returned for "The Other One", "The Center> Lovelight to close the second set. Then they closed (no Bob) with "See You Again". The drumming was of the hook all night. Gordo & Kimock were locked in together. Half dead show half new material was a nice recipe. Had a great time at this show.

12/08/06, Trey Anastasio Band, The Warfield, San Francisco, CA

I rolled into the show grabbed a cocktail and was drinking it by the downstairs bar since I was in the balcony again. Then all the sudden Trey & the rest of the band playing cowbells in a percussion-and-horns parade right in front of me before turning left into the floor area and marching up to the stage. This was my first time seeing Trey play with Tony Hall on Bass. I came away very impressed with Tony. A few times during the show he felt like he was plucking my neck and not the bass strings. The horns were out and in all night depending on the songs. They opened with "Stash", “Simple Twist Up Dave” & one of my favs "Drifting". Then "A Case of Ice & Snow" & "Sleep Again". Then another fav of mine "Money Love & Change" before closing the set with Cincinnati. Set two started with "First Tube" and everyone was happy about that. They played two more songs (Mud City & The Way I Feel) and then the rest of the band left the stage. Trey solo played  "The Inlaw Josie Wales", "Invisible" & "Love That Breaks All Lines". The band returned and they launched into the highlight of the evening a cover "Sultans of Swing" by Dire Straights. The encore brought another fav of mine "Gotta Jibboo" before closing with "Last Tube> Bar 17" & 46 Days. They parade out playing 46 days the same way they entered. We all spilled out on the sidewalk out front as the parade stopped out there for a couple minutes before marching around the side of the venue then back in ending it. The horns were great and so was Tony Hall. I wish they would release this show that Sultans of Swing was the bomb!  

This brought an end to my little musical journey that lasted seven weeks & six days. This was my...Legends of the Fall (2006)

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