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Further and Beyond....
I would like to give thanks to the legends. You offered an experience of experiences, with magnitude of a space odessey, I was left glowing. With energy spurting out like a shaken soda bottle I could not help but cover bystanders. Patting and hugging anyone with the same permagrin I acquired prior entering the show. As we pulled in my eyes scanned the lot like a child in a toy store wanting every little piece of this glory land. And Glory land is what is was, a place for minglers to mingle, and prescriptions to fill. At first I entered this show with a void in my soul, partly due to the lack of love and vibes i've been feeling at past shows. This wasn't the case, I was pumped with the highest octane of music. Ready to rumble with the best of them. Thank you. 1 Comment :: Permalink :: Mon 12/14/2009 6:38 AM
Summerdance Festival
Thanks Telepath, Eoto, and Lotus for providing a great experience. I must say that Telepath blew my mind with its variety of cultural sound waves that made me experience a piece of India all in a new way. It was my first time hearing Eoto and let me tell you, the noises they used could have shaken the grumpiest soul. And with Lotus, the TWO night escapade was well worth it, even with the first night being rained out mid show it still did its part to glorify the night, and for the last night, LOTUS you went to infinity and beyond. Too bad for the noise level curfew but that night could have kept going. And the weird would have only gotten weirder. Spread Love. 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Tue 9/22/2009 9:17 AM