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Lotus for New Years Eve
I had to find somewhere to rant about this. We got to the Electric Factory, one of Philidelphias most kick ass venues, around 3pm the day of the show. We waited until 4 when the box office opened, and were informed that the tix were sold out. A dude that looked like a security gaurd told us to return around 9pm to get tix on the corner. Assured us that there were enough to go around. We found our hotel and started the party off right. Although the Best Western charged us $40 bucks more than Expedia told us, (which we later found out was not supposed to happen,( we tried to get the room ready for ten people to rage. Our friends arrive with tickets in hand and plan to take a cab to the show. So, we start walking. 2 blocks in to the 20 mile trek, we find a huge marble thing in front of a building. My boyfriend and I took off for it and jumped. Bad News... what looked like snow turned out to be slush, and conveniently hid the spikes sticking up all over it. (I think it was a fountain..) OUCH! So, we arrive a bit early and some dudes let us in on the info. We run around looking for extras and a dude on a bike told us to have one member of our group follow him back a few blocks.. and that they would do the deal there. While they were chatting I ran to the venue to check out a real ticket to assure myself that what this guy was *going* to show us wasnt bunk. Dudes outside the venue said, NO! Not the guy on the bike! I'm afraid he wants to jump us! Its totally bunk. 100 percent. Get away from him! So I run back to my dude to tell him no dice, but he had already left with the guy! So I followed them a while and I saw the guy ride off. I went to my bf to tell him shit wasnt good and the guy came back screaming, "I can't do the deal with you both here! My boss is watching!!!" So, I went back a few paces. Keeping them in view, I watched the trade go down. Alex looked in what dude gave him, (4 tix for 200 bucks,) and started to scream, "FUCK!" Yep. The dude was gone in an instant, and some other shady dude that had been on the corner looked like he was ready to keep Alex from wigging out. Orchard Lounge was playing across the street and there were enough raves to get our party on, but we were now BROKE and soaking wet, (due to the freezing rain,) so we walked the 20 blocks back to the hotel. Apparently the show was great. We had some cool neighbors, which was pretty cool. We ran around the hotel acting silly all night. They tried to charge us for the free continental breakfast, so we dipped. Then we left quickly and forgot stuff there. Ug. I want to try again. Trust your instincts. That loser on the bike SUCKS! I even told him this was my birthday and our anniversary celebration. He said, "Well honey, you are going to enjoy the show!" B.S. Happy New Year. 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Sat 1/2/2010 7:41 AM