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Where the Phish at????

Hey all..I have several Phish shows to trade, mostly summer 98 and all of their festys, plus a lot of other landmark shows  ( ie. Island Tour, Big Cypress, several Halloweens and NYE, and of course, GameHoist!!!)

I've also got a decent amount of MOE. shows to trade, Summer Camp 07, Mardi Gras from 06, a few different Bonnaroos plus others.  Got about 20 SCI shows as well. 

Phish has influenced me in more ways than I could even attempt to explain.  I began playing percussion about 12 years ago.  Listening to Phish has taken my level of musical appreciation to places that I never knew existed, they really have shown me the light.  I miss them sooo much and really wish theyd get back together, but they still live on  through my musical endeavors, because they have such an enormous impact on me and my bands music.  Although we are just a local (Columbus) bar band, We  carry on Phish's tradition of spontanious playing and their improvisational style is something that we as a band strive to achieve at every single show we play, although it would be nearly impossible to ever match Trey Mike Page and Mr. Bob Weaver when they are at their very best.  Having said all that, I would like to finally say that now that Phish is gone:  THANK GOD FOR MOE!!!  I never paid enough attention in the past and I am seriously regretting it.  I am now spending my time catching up for years of missing out on killer Moe shows...So I'll see all you Moe.rons at Radio City on NYE!!!  Peace! - RB

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