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Based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Alpha Transit is an all-original instrumental jam band that takes the usual elements of funk, rock, jazz, and blues and the not so usual elements of electronic and dance music and puts them in the blender with a double shot of improvisation.

Composed of some of Milwaukee's most experienced and versatile instrumentalists, the members of Alpha Transit have also freelanced with numerous artists in the Milwaukee area, including American Standard, Caribbean Eclipse, Chris Aaron Band, Group Therapy, Jack Grassel, The Love Monkeys, Off Tha Hook!, and Tyler Traband.  With heavy backgrounds in jazz, rock, blues, and funk, these accomplished and educated musicians hold a total of 4 college degrees in music.

Our current influences are Medeski Martin and Wood, John Scofield, and The New Deal.  Past influences include Headhunters (Herbie Hancock), Mahavishnu (John McLaughlin), and Return to Forever (Chick Corea).  Our sound has been likened to such "electronica" jam bands as Sound Tribe Sector 9, Lotus and Particle.

Alpha Transit began as trio in October of 2003 with Adam Berzowski on keyboards, Geoff Howard on bass and Tim Rush on drums.  To finally complete our sound, virtuosic guitarist Kirk Tatnall was added in October of 2005.  Our versatility as well as detailed attention to balance and tone have given us a quickly growing, diverse fan base that continues to multiply.  We have performed at several well-known Milwaukee establishments, including Shank Hall, The Miramar,  BBC on North Ave, Lex Jazz Club on Water St, The Milwaukee Ale House, Piano Blu (Pewaukee) and Sprizzo Cafe (Waukesha).

Adam Berzowski - Keyboards
Geoff Howard - Bass
Tim Rush - Acoustic Drums
Kirk Tatnall - Guitar

Debut Album Coming March 23rd, 2007
simply titled - Alpha Transit


Adam Berzowski:
Ride Control - Alpha Locomotive
Little Grooves - Alpha Locomotive
Live 1/29/05 - Robert Allen Jr. Band
Reverser - Reverser
Better Than Fiction - American Standard
Live at the Road House - American Standard
Freedom 5 Miles - The Chris Aaron Band
The Burgundy Sessions - Spinnakoepeal Jive

Tim Rush:
Music 4 Humans - Miles for Monty Orchestra

Kirk Tatnall:
Cujitsu - Kirk Tatnall, John Price, John Calarco
Adventures in Guitronica - Kirk Tatnall
Ghost Ridge - Jack Grassel, Kirk Tatnall, Dane Richeson
Headless Jazz - Kirk Tatnall and Steve Peplin
Live at the Uptowner - Jack Grassel, Kirk Tatnall, Ernie Adams
Temporal Vortex - Kirk Tatnall
Katscan - Kirk Tatnall and Scot Snarski
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