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Cornmeal | 07/27/09 | Triumph Brewery
Matt mentioned the Triumph Brewery to me one day. It is located up in New Hope and it host some good local jam bands from time to time. Cornmeal is a band I have been hearing a lot of buzz over. They are a bluegrass band with a jam tendency and able to branch into other genres in their jams. I played Cornmeal on the ipod during the flash thunderstorm at the tailgate at Hershey and the people that heard it, liked it, so I was able to get a group of people together for the show.

We all got there and got a table. A a sampling of their beers. Almost all of us decided their Irish Red was the most delicious. The band came on and it was a distinctive bluegrass sound. I met Jackie's roommate Shannon that night. We were all talking how I had enjoyed dancing at the DMB Hershey tailgate a week ago and how I wanted to dance again. Shannon was like, okay lets go dance. There was a bit of a crowd around the band. It is a small dance area in front of the stage at Triumph. However, Shannon and I went right into the middle and starting dancing. It was so much fun. I barely knew this girl and she was ready to get down. It was great. We danced for the last couple songs of the first set.

We took a breather during the set break. This is where I learned Shannon had a boyfriend, which was a bummer, but also a relief as well. Less pressure on me to screw it up somehow.

The second set started and we went out and danced again. We stood on the sides and enjoyed the sound as well. And boy was the sound enjoyable! I now knew why this group generated so much buzz. They sounded amazing. The guitar, banjo, drums, stand up bass, and fiddle, could all play the hell out of their instruments. Together they really could jam! It was such a fun, happy, sound, that you couldn't help but smile, dnace, and enjoy. Laura, Shannon, and I went into the fray one last time to enjoy a dance session before we left. The song we danced to I do no know. It was prob one of 'Drinking Away', 'Cold Cold Night', or 'I'm Still Here'. Either way it was a perfect ending song for us. It was ajam that built up and up and up. Energy rising and rising. Our legs dancing harder and harder until the final climax and the song ended, us all winded. We left on that high note.

I think everyone really enjoyed the band. I loved them.

Set 1:
On The Losin' End, Edge of the World, Southern Flavor, More Pretty Girls, Mole in the Ground, Shake A Leg, The Fox, Hasten Jason

Set 2: Lay Down Sally, Drinking Away the Memory of You, Cold Cold Night, I'm Still Here, This Must Be The Place, The Road, Sympathy for the Devil E: Cornmeal
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Phish | 06.07.09 | Tweeter Center
My first Phish show. The band broke up just as I was getting into them and 4 years later they get back together. I was online with two computers the day tickets went on sale and I was lucky enough to grab 2. Who else to take by Winslow.

After seeing Soulive and The Decemberist over the last two days we both were a bit on the tired side but the excitement of seeing Phish kept us going. We tailgated early with some jack and cigars from the Dom. Rep., tailgate classy. Also met up with mary jo in the lots before hand. It all put me in happy spirits to witness Phish.

As we made our way onto the lawn they had started with Chalkdust Torture. A we found our way about 3/4 up the lawn in the center. Not a bad spot considering the place ended up being packed. The next song was 'Fee' and this made me extremaly happy. 'Fee' was, as i remeber, one of Quake's favorite Phish tunes. I felt blessed to have them play that while I was out on the lawn. A great way to remeber a great friend. This was followed by Wolfman's Brother. These three songs in the beginning really are the ones that really make me remeber my high school days listening to Phish. Such a fun way to start the show.

When I heard the first few notes of 'The Lizards' I knew this night was already more than I imagained it could be. Quake's favorite tune and now mine! Bliss. The first set eneded with great jamming on Tube and First Tube.

The second set began with a song I had never heard, 'Sand'. A lengthy jam that really drew me in and by the end of it I was grinning ear to ear. This was followed by two fun dancy tunes, 'Suzy Greenberg' and 'Limb by Limb'. I loved it! The set ended with an amazing Tweezer. Seriously, at the end of the second set my cheeks were hurting from grinning so much.

Trey came out at the beginning of the encore and said how much they enjoyed the northeast and how they didn't want to leave and if they could play all night. It was just a hint as to what came next. As far as encores go, this was one of the best I've witnessed. Started with a new tune that went by listly but then busted into 'Bounching Around the Room', fun, dancable, enjoyable. Then it went into 'Run Like An Antelope' and everyone was amazed. A bit of a rabbit pulled out of a hat, it felt like. I love that song and to get it as the last song (or so I thought) was great. But they weren't finished yet. They then finially ended with 'Tweezer Reprise' which is so rocking and awesome that it was the best possibly way to end my first show.

Overall, it was great to finally see Phish. The band sounded tight and seemed like they were really having fun and are serious about their comeback. You could actually hear Paige's keys in the mix and it added a lot to their sound. I didn't always hear the keys so much in earlier shows and he definiatly has more presence nowadays in the sound.

Winslow and I left the show happy. A perfect ending to triple nights of music. Ending with the epicness that is Phish. (however, we came to the conculsion that the Decemeberist show was the best of the three nights. Mostly because it was above and beyond our expections. Phish was more or less what we expected.) Nothing in the show was overly mind blowing. Nothing left my jaw on the floor. But the overall presence of the band and fans, my first time, the remerance of Quake, and the song chooices, all lead to one of the better concert experiances for me.

Set I: Chalkdust Torture, Fee, Wolfman's Brother, Guyute, My Sweet One, 46 Days, The Lizards, The Wedge, Strange Design, Tube, First Tube
Set II: Sand, Suzy Greenberg, Limb By Limb, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Sugar Shack^, Character Zero, Tweezer
Encore: Joy^, Bouncing Around the Room, Run Like An Antelope, Tweezer Reprise
^ - First Time Played
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The Decemberist | 06.06.09 | Tower Theatre


I went into this show having just started listening to the Decemeberist at the beginning of the year. They are not my typical choice in bands but I really enjoy their rocking, folksy, clever-worded songs. This concert, however, cemented them in my Top 10 favorite bands. The show left me almost speakless.

Kyle, Matt and I pregamed this show in a classy fashion, Jack and cigars. This was our second concert in as many days, as we saw Soulive the night prior.

This was my first time at the Tower Theatre and I was impressed. The place looks very nice. It is a typical theater with stage and seats and balcony. It is fairly large. The acoustics are excellent! Really, the show sounded amazing and we were about 3/4 back in the center section.

The first set was a run through of the Hazards of Love start to finish. The band had on some approiate costums and really made a production out of the album. They pulled the album off perfectly. Multiple intstrument switches and stuff and it still flowed nicely. The two guest female vocalist impressed me the most from the first set. The shorter one was high energy and intense in her solos. A great presence on stage, just as she is on the album. The other female had a crazy beautiful voice and smooth movements that contrasted well to the other singer.

I was thoughrly impressed by halftime and looking forward to a more regular normal set to follow. They started out with Crane Wife 3 which i recogonized and got into right away. The entrie crowd, finally, was on their feet for this set. The lead singer, Colin, has a great presenece on stage. His banter throughout the set was comical and added to the fun. All the band memebers were fantastic on their instruments. Really it was the overall sound that was really digging the whole time.

The last three songs of the second set were monsters. "O Valencia" was a roumpsy time in which i believe Colin and another guitar player came down into the auidence, gave their guitars to two girls, and went off to run around in the seats. The girls took the guitars and played them, and played them well. It was quite surprising. I've never seen a abnd do that before, give their instruments over in the middle of a song and run up and down the aisles. Then they played "Chimbley Sweep" which is a lot of fun as well. I was really really enjoying this second set of music. I didn't know all the songs but the music was enough to enjoy without knowing it prior. However, they closed the set with "Crazy On You" which was a nasty cover drop! The two female vocalist from the first set came back out and bealted this tune perfectly. Totally awesome!!

After a short break they came back out to a roaring crowd for an encore of "Bandit Queen" (apparently a rare song) and "Sons & Daughters." I love the song "Sons & Daughters"! It was a perfect show closer. The whole crowd was singing it and the band dropped out and let the crowd lead and then came back in and rocked it out to finish.

I left the Tower Theatre very impressed with the band and sound. I'm not going to lie, at this point I would say it was the best show I've seen this year. The production value, in the coustums and lighting, to the overall perfect sound in the room, the music being super fun, the perfect execution of HoL, the "Crazy On You" cover. It all was one of the best times I've had at a show.

Great great time.

Set 1: Hazards of Love
Set 2: Crane Wife 3, Shiny, Sleepless, July, July, Summersong, Dracula's Daughter, O Valencia, Chimbley Sweep, Crazy on You
Encore: Bandit Queen, Sons and Daughters

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Soulive | 06.05.2009 | Theatre of the Living Arts

This was a last minute concert that we decided to go to. We already had plans to see the Decemeberist and Phish the next two nights. When we found out Soulive was playing we just had to be there. I have listened to them for several years and finally had a chance to see them.

Kyle and Matt joined me for this show. We had a little pregame and headed down to South Street to get to the TLA a bit after 9pm. We had figured Soulive would come on round 10. That did not happen.

Their opener band came on around 10:30 and they were just god awful. A couple of guitars and drums and the lead singers were two rappers. It was just horrible on the ears. They finished their quick set and we were looking forward to finally seeing Soulive.

Wrong again. I don't know what the issue was but there was an issue because Soulive didn't come on for another hour. Just before midnight they finally came on stage. Some people were booing them for being so late.

Once the music hit, we forgot about the lateness. They sounded great. High energy and a great jazz groove to the sound. The horn section was solid. They started the first several songs with them. All instrumental songs. Then the horns left just the trio on stage. This is where they got to jamming. A couple nice long songs highlighted the talents of the trio.

Drummer was solid on a little kit. Classic jazz rhythem mostly with lots of variation mixed in. On guitar, the talent of Eric Krasno, was clearly heard. Sitting back and taking rhythm or leading the charge with solos and clever lines, it was a treat to finally hear him live. The one who stood out the most, however, was the keys player. That man is super talented! He would play amazing organ/keys all night, ramping up the engery on full dirty solos. The amazing bit was what he did with his right hand, walking all up and down the bass keys. He played some of the funkiest bass lines, while wailing away on organ solos. It truely was one of the coolest things i've seen one man do on an instrument. He masterfully keep the deep end grooving, while adding magically touches over top of it.

They also had a singer with them. This guy, from what i believe is newer to the group, and is on the new album. He is a perfect match tho. Such a soulful voice! He was a little guy with a powerful voice and lots of energy. He really brought a great addition to the band.

When everyone was out on the stage, the trip, horns, and voice, it was a great full sound. Soulful, funky, and jazzy.

Near the end ?uestlove from The Roots came out to hit up some drums. This was afterall a Roots Picnic preshow. It was cool to see ?uestlove play, he has a great style and fit right in.

Overall, the music was able to make up for the huge blunder of starting late. I'm really glad I finally got to see them play live. It was a great kickoff to an epic weekend of music.

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Perpetual Groove | 03.21.2009 | The Note
Second time seeing Perpetual Groove and it was awesome!

I had not listened to Pgroove very often over the last several months. I started to not get what their music was about. I wasn't finding it very engaging to me.

This show gave me back my love of Pgroove. They are all about the jams. Literally most of their songs are 10+ mins, even up to 20+ mins. The four of these guys play so well together and feel the groove. They can mix it up and always are on top of what is going on.

This was my first time seeing the new Keyboard player, John Hurby. I give him a check plus. I love the sounds coming out of his keys. They sound crisper and more intense to me. He is gelling really well with the guys.

The bass player stood out to me on this night in West Chester, PA. He was up there laying down some bombs. Grooving to everything and really laying it down. I was impressed by him.

They open with "Gorilla Monsoon" which was great to hear live. "Crockett & Tubbs" was another killer jam in the middle of the first set. I was up at the front of the stage and enjoyed the first set.

During the break I went to the bar to get a beer and started talking to this guy next to me. Apparently he is a manager for some other bands and I was pretty drunk and talking about music with him. I drop U-Melts name several times. He ended up putting my beer on his tab. hahaha. awesome.

The second set was killer! They played "Eminance Front" and "At The Screen" back to back. I had been loving these new songs and it was great live. Really rocking and fun. They were the highlight for me. The set ending "Teakwood Betz" was mind blowing. They were jamming all night but this was nuts.

I realized at this show that Pgroove is really all about the jams. They play these songs and they go places. It's about starting someplace and going off to and all over and coming back again. Four guys on a journey and we can tag along.

Great show. Killer second set. Pgroove kicked ass.

I also met Tim again. As well as Mary for the first time from the U-Melt boards. We all passed out flyers for U-Melts upcoming show at The Note.

Set I: Gorilla Monsoon, Save For One, Crockett & Tubbs, All My Friends, Space Paranoids, Stealy Man

Set II: Decepticon Structure, Eminence Front, At the Screen, It Starts Where it Ends, Teakwood Betz

E1: Walking in Place, Teakwood Betz
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U-Melt | 02.27.2009 | The North Star
First time at The North Star in Philly. Third time seeing U-Melt.

Leighann and one of her friends came with me. The place was nice. Had the stage and then a good size dance floor. A balcony and plenty of seating around. Not bad for a city bar.

I was eager to see U-Melt again, they had been on fire for this Winter tour and you can just tell that their music and playing had improved over the past year. This show was great! They played their cover of "Pressure" during the first set. So glad they played it because I wanted to hear it and it is such a badass cover. They also played Rob's new song, "Impedimenta" and I really enjoyed it live. A good rocking song with very meaningful lyrics. Enjoyed the first set, it was nice, had some great jams, and it impressed Leighann's friend. He is musically inclined and noticed U-Melt's numerous and precise time changes. Also, he realized how tight of a band they are. The bass and drums are like one person, creating a solid foundation for the guitar and keys to soar and explore over.

The second set is when this got kicked up a notch. I did not dance much during the first set because I was hanging back with my group. But there was no way I was not going to get down for the second set. I headed right up to the first was basically right off the stage on Zac's side.

The band jammed out the second set. It was a great dance party. Starting it off right with "Get Down On It" into "Sequel". The highlight for me was "Disclaimer/Disillusion" into "Elysian Fields". EFields is the song that when I first heard it I new this band was great and that I would love them. I was beyond excited when they played it and it was a great dance party with the people around and the lights. It was nuts. They ended with "Tiny Giants" which is new and seems to be a crowd favorite already. And yes the lyrics we stuck in my head all the next day.

The actual best part of the second set was when the Phillies chants started. "World Fucking Champions" being one. As well as "Let's Go Phillies, Fuck the Mets!" being another. It was awesome because the band is from NYC and they are Mets and Yankees fans. There were quite a few people at the show with Phillies shirts on and you could still feel the excitement from winning the World Series.

I met a couple people from the U-boards that night. Which was cool and I talked to Rob again after the show, as well as Zac. Which was cool.

Overall I loved the show. Leighann seemed to enjoy it and her friend loved it! I liked that I got to introduce someone new to the jamming, intricate, danceable music that U-Melt makes.

Can't wait to see them again!

Set 1: Question Matters, Impedimenta > Ernest Funknine* > Pressure, Folded, Panacea^

Set 2: Get Down On It > Sequel, Green Paper Society#$, Disclaimer/Disillusion# > Elysian Fields, Tiny Giants

Encore: Cosmik Debris

Show Notes: *With "Impedimenta" tease. ^With "Elysian Fields" tease. #With "Stash" (Phish) tease. $With "Punch You In The Eye" (Phish) and "Eye Of The Beholder" (Metallica) teases.

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The Derek Trucks Band | 02.14.2009 | Weis Center
Derek Trucks Band at Bucknell University! Winslow goes to Bucknell and thus I was definitely going to attend this show. Courtland also came up for the show. So it was the three of us who saw it.

Fantastic show. I have never seen them before but I have listen to them via the archives and I have given their new album, Already Free, several spins. Good thing I did too because they played a lot off of the new album.

The show was in the Weis Center for the Performing Arts. That place is beautiful. Really nice looking auditorium with good sound. We had seats about 9 rows back dead center. Pretty perfect seats I think.

As for the music, it was high caliber rock and blues. These guys are all very talented and have composed some splendid songs. It was mind blowing to see Derek play the slide guitar. You can just tell the difference when you see someone with true talent. The man is a master of the slide guitar. He is not a showmen, however, very little facial expressions. But that did not take away from his music, he displayed all his emotions through the guitar.

Their percussionist is hilarious! He just chilled off to stage right with his setup of bong gos and added some very nice beats to the music. He also had a huge selection of little shaker, music makers. On one song he literally took each one, one at a time, and shook it across his mics. He must of went through 15 plus shakers. It was perfection.

Their singer had an injured leg and had to sit for the show. Which wasn't that bad. His voice fits the music very well. A soulful voice. I don't know what was wrong with his leg, it was in a cast, hopefully it heals well.

The drummer was nuts. He had a crazed look on his face when he was jamming. He was bopping all over the place too. It was great to watch and he was a damn good drummer to boot.

I couldn't see the keys player for much because he was down behind his keys often. When he came out to play his flute tho, wow. He played it on, " Sahib Teri", one of their instrumental jams, and it was amazing. I really enjoyed the sound and he could take his solos to another level. He was on par with Trucks when playing his flute. Very respectable.

The bass player was just having a grand ole time. He seemed to be smiling the most. He is a comical looking bass player too, short and white, where as everyone is tall and black (expect for trucks). But the racial makeup of the band doesn't matter because the music awesome.

I loved the show. Through and through. We were seated for the whole set. Which was fine for the type of music but we could of grooved if we were standing. They played a bunch of songs from the new album. Then the singer left the stage and they played, " Sahib Teri", the 10+ minute instrument jam. I recognized it and was so glad they played it. I love that song. Then the singer came back and played, "Days is Almost Gone", possibly my favorite off the album. Also was hoping they would play that song that night. Later in the show they played another instrumental. A jam on "My Favorite Things". That was the highlight of the show for me. A classic song made amazing by the touches of Trucks' slide guitar, playing the melody and then different takes on it. That was one greatness. They encored with "Freddy's Dead" which is a perfect encore in my opinion. It was loud and rocking. Solo's for each band member. The drummer went nuts nuts on his solo. Perfect ending to the show. Everyone was standing for the encore.

Overall, a great show and just really really good music performed by really really talented musicians in a really really beautiful place. It was a prefect start to my 2009 concert series.

Set: Down In The Flood, Down Don't Bother Me, Don't Miss me, Soul Serenade, Get What You Deserve, Sahib Teri, Days Is Almost Gone, Already Free, Meet Me At The Bottom, I Know, Get Out Of My Life Woman, My Favorite Things, We're A Winner

Encore: Freddy's Dead

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Tea Leaf Green | 11.14.2008 | Sherman Theatre
I have heard a lot about Tea Leaf Green. Like a lot a lot. Heard they were really good and that they should def be seen. So when they strolled through Stroudsburg, I hit them up.

Al & The Transamericans opened up but I missed them unfortunatily. I made it there just after TLG took the stage. Basic set up of keys, drums, guitar, bass. Not so basic sound. They rocked. Their energy was huge for playing for a tiny crowd in them middle of the mountains. The guitar player had a great personal stage pressence. The keyboard player also was jamming. Standing up on his keys for harmonica solos. It was just a big rock show. I was on the side of the stage near the bass player. I did not know who he was but he caught my eye. He can play the bass! I later found out that it is none other than Reed Mathis, bass player extradionare.

The really enjoyed their music that night. It was an american rock sound that everyone could enjoy. The harmonica solo from the keyboard player I mentioned above was a highlight. The Garden movement (parts I, II, III) was a masterpeice.

Al Schneir from moe. came out to play on "Hey Bulldog" and "Incadensent Devil." Blow my mind. "Incandensent Devil" is now one of my favorite songs. Al fit right in with the band and I was so glad he came out because I missed him eariler.

Then Tim Carbone from Railroad Earth came out and played on "All of Your Cigarettes" and "Criminal Intent." This is the highlight of the night. That man can play the mother fucking fiddle!

I thought they would take a set break but they just rocked right on through the night. Non-stop. I enjoyed that. They encored with "Zoom Zoom" and it was a great encore, high energy and fun.

That was my first time seeing Tea Leaf Green and I am now a huge fan. Next time they come around I will def catch them. That night was a fun rock concert and some solid jams. I thought they would take a set break but they just rocked right on through the night. Non-stop. I enjoyed that.

Set: Asphalt Funk > One Reason > Stormcloud, The Garden (Part I) > The Garden (Part II) > The Garden (Part III), Goddess and Viper, Papa's in the Backroom, Standing Still > Earth and Sky, Hey Bulldog1,2, Incandescent Devil2, All of Your Cigarettes3 > Criminal Intent3, Slept Thru Sunday > Las Vegas > Jubilee, Ballad of a Well-Known Gun4
Encore: Zoom Zoom
Notes: co-bill w/ Al and the Transamericans, 1Beatles cover, 2w/ Al Schneir (moe.) on guitar, 3w/ Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth) on fiddle, 4Elton John cover
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Swampadelica | 10.10.2008 | Sarah Street Grill
I had heard about Swampadelica on Jambase before and some other places. I saw they were playing near me and decided to download one of their shows. I really dug it. Definitely different than what I normally listen to. It has a good deal of Haitian roots mixed in it.

So I went out to see them and it was a dance fest. Again it was at the Sarah Street Grill which does not have a great dance area. That did not stop me. I was sitting for the first part of it but just couldn't sit any longer. No one was dancing per say. They were ringed around the stage, swaying a bit. But I just went up to the front of the stage and got my groove on.

The music is just flowing and you can't help but move. They played some songs I recogonized off the show I downloaded. I sang along and I think the band loved that. I lead singer seemed to be enjoying my enthuisaism for them.

After they ended I stuck around to talk to them. They were all friendly and seemed to enjoy my praise of their music. I got a free cd out of it too.

I really loved this show. I got really into it and had a blast. Wish there had been some more people so I wasn't dancing alone so much. Anyways, it rocked and I would def see them again if they pass by.
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Keller Williams & the WMDs | 09.28.2008 | Sherman Theatre
In Stroudsburg there is theatre that gets some good jam acts. The place is called the Sherman Theatre. It is pretty nice. Has seats but it also has a large open area in front of the stage.

The Phillies had just clinch the NL East division that night and I was in full party mode. I made it a little late to the show but I was able to dance my way nearly to the stage. This was not a solo Keller show. He had a band with him. Jeff Sipe on drums. Keith Mosely on bass. Gibb Droll on lead guitar. And this band rocked it!

There was a great energy in the place. Keller had his usually smile and was having fun. Letting the band play with him and place as a whole. I remeber the show was lots of fun. Danced and enjoyed the show.

The bass player was nuts. Really enjoyed his playing. He stood out to me.

Turth be told I was celebrating the Phils win and the show is a bit hazy to me. I do remeber yelling "Fuck the Mets! Go Phillies" With being close to NYC there were plenty of Mets fans around to harrass and rub in the fact that their team choked again.

I have a cup from the show. I ended up getting a bear and it came in a cool green collectable cup that you could keep. Its a nice keep sake.

They played "Boob Job" which is just a halirious song. And the ususal "Freaker" was near the end. This was my first time seeing Keller live so I enjoyed hearing "Freaker"

I really enjoyed the show. It was just a real fun jamming time.

set I
Apparition, Groove of the storm, Mullet cut, Still wishing to course>we love you, Lonesome angel, The kiwi and the apricot, Sometimes a river, Reinhardt, Cornpone sally and her hay bailing wagon wheel, Portapotty, Hobo jungle, The dancing juggler, Pepper, Newness

set II
Moving youth >celebrate your cadillac >sidewalk, Kidney in a cooler, Freshies, Brave captain, Dogs, Back of the bus, You are > boob job > what you eat, Eyes of the world

Freaker, Once in a lifetime
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Juggling Suns | 09.27.2008 | Sarah Street Grill
I started to attend ESU this semester and saw that a local bar got some good jam talent. The place is called Sarah Street Grill. Nice little place. Not much room to get down tho.

This night the Juggling Sons were doing a little acoustic set. It was good. I noticed a couple songs I recogonized. However, I really wanted to see them in a more lively enviroment.

Enjoy it but peaced out early.
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John Butler Trio/G. Love & Special Sauce | 08.16.2008 | Festival Pier
I won free tickets!!!

I kept entering everyday to win free tickets to this show and I actually won! Crazy because my sister just won free tickets to a show just two weeks prior. I invited mary jo along to the show because I remembered she mentioned something about g. love before. She was pretty excited for the show.

We took the train down and had a great convo along the way. It was a great night out with her, lots of fun. We finally make it to the pier after much walking and chilled out before the concert got started.

Before John Butler Trio comes on we make our way up towards the stage. We ended up next to this trio of guys and they had some goods on them and offered to pass around to mj and I. So mj toked up and I said no. How bout that!? I actually said no for the first time. What crazy world do I live in now.

Anways, John Butler Trio killed. Blew us away. They rocked. Every song was a master piece. Loved "Used to Get High," pretty fitting song considering the night. The bass player took a solo at one point near the end and Butler left the stage. He was awesome on the stand up bass. Then he left and the drummer was left for his solo and that was so much fun! It was a funner drum solo then the one I saw Gov't Mule play back in April. It had some mambo in it and he got the audience involved. Then they all came back out and finished the set off. They all jammed on the drum kit at one point. They were just having  such a great time. They were the best surprise of the summer.

Then G. Love came on and he was good too but not nearly as good as JBT. G. Love jsut couldn't bring the energy up to where the trio had it and they were just not as strong musically. Nonetheless they did have a good feel and attitude on stage. G. Love has a good charisma about him. We could only stay for an hour of the set cuz we had to catch the train but the part we saw was worth it. It was all songs we knew. Mj actually guessed the first two! "I-76" and "Rodeo Clowns."

Overall it was a prefect free night of music. Loved JBT and I am now a great new fan. I will def try to catch them again. Hopefully they will be headlining.
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moe. | 07.04.2008 | The Stone Pony
    This was my first moe. show and it was everything I thought it would be.

I unfortunately went solo to this show. It was out on the jersey show at the Stone Pony. Got there early to see the opener, Karmic Juggernaut. They were young but I enjoyed their set. Good guitar work and fun grooves. They got extra time cuz the crowd was really lovin' them. They did some covers, I remember they finished with "Play that funky music..." That was fun.

Headed outside to the main stage and made my way close to the front. I met these two people there, tim and luara. They were really nice and fun. So finally moe comes out and they hit it off with "Captain America." Great choice. They jammed greatly for the first set. The sun was coming down, it was holiday, and the music was amazing. They play so well that it just is pure smiles and dancing. Their new song "Queen Of Everything" was great live. Had a good southern feel to it, like a wild hoe down. They also played "Spine Of A Dog" a personal favorite of mine. This song was awesome because they started out singing the opening lyrics and slowly faded away and the crowd took over and sang it loud and clear. That was amazing to hear, the crowd was really into it.

So fireworks were planned to go off on the beach and as they started moe. came back from their set break. They kicked it off with "America Fuck Yeah" from the Team America movie. hilarious! Perfect song choice for the 4th of July. They then kicked it into mega jam gear and tore through the 2nd set. Playing the perfect mix of songs for me. I knew them all and loved the jams. It was great to hear "Moth" because I had just recently been digging that song. The lights were kicking in too and they were crazy good.

Overall, it was the perfect first moe. show for me. Played a bunch of songs I knew and enjoyed. The crowd was really into it. Maybe all moe. shows are like that and that is why they are so huge, but nonetheless it is the best show I saw this summer. Hands down. Nothing but smiles!

Set I: Captain America> Spaz Medicine> Queen of Everything> Time Again, Spine Of A Dog> Buster
Set II: America Fuck Yeah1, Meat> Moth> The Pit> Meat> Timmy Tucker
Encore: Wind it up

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Earthtone / Iron | 6.19.2008 | World Cafe Live
World Cafe Live is in the best place. It is located just two blocks from 30th street station so it is very easy to get to. My cousin and I headed down to catch Earthtone playing as one of the opening bands for the Sea Trio CD release party.

We got to the venue and were pretty impressed with it. It looks very nice inside. Clean, well designed. Def not a dive. They had $3 bottles of Magic Hat that night so I decided to drink that for the evening and I love their summer ale called "Hocus Pocus." Delicious.

The first band on was a reggae outfit called Iron. They were pretty darn good. I liked their sound and would def go see them again. Pretty chill music.

The next band was called Infinien. I did not enjoy their sound. They were a psychedelic band and it just was not working for me. The only benefit to having them on stage was that I had more time to drink.

So finally Earthtone comes on. I liked their set it was really fun. They mixed in some new songs and I was digging them. They came to the end of their set and they said they had one song left. At this point I yelled out, "Play track 7!!" This being track 7 off of their debut (and only) CD. I couldn't remember the name of the track. The bass player heard me and I yelled it out again. This time he got it and they went into the song. Which happens to be called "Fast Forward." There is no dance floor per say at this venue so I just got up right there and danced away for the whole song. It was awesome to here that song live. It is a great jam and with a fun, funky dance groove to it. My ankle was still taped up from twisting it pretty badly a couple days before, but i felt no pain while dancing away.

It was great to finally see Earthtone play live. I have been digging their CD ever since I got it free back at the U-Melt show in NYC. I was able to met the majority of the band afterwards and they were glad I enjoyed the show. They are working on a new album. Maybe out by the end of the year. They are also going to take a small break from touring for little while. Which is a bummer but I'll see them when they get back on the road.

It was my first night at World Cafe Live and I loved it. I plan on hitting the place up for some more shows the rest of the summer. Earthtone was totally worth going to see. Looking forward to seeing a full show next time.
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DMB | 6.04.2008 | Camden, NJ
This is what I can tell you about the DMB show on June 4th: "                       ."

Yup thats right. I was an idiot and my drink got the best of me and I blacked out before I even got in the gate. My firends' said I was having a good time. Lots of dancing.

I'm very dissapointed in myself about this night. It was a sold out show I should not have been at. I got a last minute ticket. It was suppose to be a night for Quake. I blew it all.

Needless to say, I have learned my lesson.

Set 1: Don't Drink the Water, Two Step, Granny, Cornbread, Smooth Rider, Rhyme and Reason, Where Are You Going, Pantala Naga Pampa > Rapunzel, Mellisa, Crush, #27, Lie In Our Graves > Ants Marching, What You Are, Lousianna Bayou
E: Hey Hey, My My, Bitch
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Umphrey's McGee | 4.20.08 | DC
Kyle and I braved the rain to go out and see the Green Apple Festival on the National Mall. There were thunderstorms in the area all day so it was a rainy, grey, day.

The festival was ok. We missed O.A.R. but was able to catch Umphrey's set. It was a short one, obviously. Their first couple songs were decent. I would of liked a bit more rock. They ended with "Plunger" which was really fun to see. It was 4-20 so you just have to assume the guys were celebrating the holiday.

As soon as they ended the rain came in strong. There were electrical storms in the area and everyone had to seek shelter in the museums. Kyle and I were soaked to the bone and decided to just head back to his place. We saw Umphrey's and saw Gov't Mule the night before, so we were set to go and get dry.

Overall, it was a nice little taste of live Umphrey's McGee and I can't wait to see them this summer for a full show.

Set 1: In the Kitchen > Glory > In the Kitchen, Nemo, Plunger 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Sun 4/27/2008 6:08 PM
Gov't Mule | 4.19.08 | DC
I wanted to visit my friend, Kyle, while he was in DC this semester. Gov't Mule was playing in the Lisner Auditorium on Saturday, April 19th and that so that set the weekend I would come down.

We both were looking forward to the show because we both loved Warren Haynes and the Mule but neither of us had seen them live.

All I have to say is Warren Haynes is a badass on the guitar and Gov't Mule is one tight group. The solos on the guitar throughout the night were amazing. Haynes really could channel the mood of the song through his guitar.

I recognized only a few of the songs (which is surprising, guess I didn't know their catalog as well as I thought). But I really enjoyed the whole show, it was such a pleasure to see Warren show his mastership of the guitar.

Highlights of the show would have to be the War Pigs > Drums > Shelter. I love the song war pigs, and so happy they played it. The drum solo blew me away. The drum starts soloing and the rest of the band leaves the stage. It sounds like the drummer is finishing his solo and he brings it back to life and goes into another segment, and then you think he is done again and he goes right back at it. The solo must of clocked in at 10 minutes or more. That was great to watch.

I also enjoyed the encore. I liked what the keys player did with some neat little sounds during the songs.

Overall it was absolutely great. Really enjoyed seeing them. Never felt like the concert dragged on or was boring. The Lisner Auditorium is a nice place. We were 3/4 of the way back and dead center. Pretty decent seats. I also enjoyed the design that the mule had displayed with lights behind the stage and ways. That would make a great tapestry.

It was a great night in DC.

Set 1
A Million Miles From Yesterday
Larger Than Life
No Need To Suffer
Had To Cry Today 1st Time Played
Monkey Hill She's So Heavy Tease
D'Yer Maker
Tastes Like Wine
Beautifully Broken
Thelonius Beck

Set 2
Patchwork Quilt
Death Don't Have No Mercy
Brighter Days
War Pigs
I Think You Know What I Mean->
When The Levee Breaks->
I Think You Know What I Mean
Mr. Man

Far Away
Slackjaw Jezebel

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O.A.R. | 4.12.08 | High Point University
O.A.R. put on a private show for High Point University this past weekend. Students and Alumni got free tickets and they were not selling tickets to anyone else. My sister and her boyfriend are alumni so we made the trip from Philly down to High Point, NC to enjoy the free show.

It was a really high energy performance by the band. They opened with "Wonderful Day" and that got the crowd going right from the beginning. The one song I wanted to hear was "Dareh Meyod", 34th and 8th style, and the third song into the set I hear the bass player laying down the intro and I was so happy. That song rocked. I love the intro with each instrument coming in separately. "Destination", "About An Hour Ago", and "Delicate Few" were great songs throughout the set.

The last portion of the show they played "I Feel Home" into "Redemption Song" and that was a nice groove. Then they brought out the power house that is "Crazy Game of Poker". The crowd was really rocking and was singing along. They jammed Poker into "No Women No Cry" which was a real special song for my sister, her friends, and me. It reminded us of the "Good friends we've lost along the way." When O.A.R. finished and left the stage the crowd immediately was calling them back out. The encore was a great version of "Hey Girl", which was the first song that got me hooked on O.A.R. back in the day. It was a perfect way to finish out the night.

The set seemed a little short and apparently they finished early because the crowd was too unruly. There were a lot of drunk college kids, a lot of crowd surfing, and a whole ton of water bottles being thrown. Shame the crowd was a bit rough because the band really seemed into the show and enjoying it.

There was also a triangle solo somewhere in the show and that was hilarious.

Overall, it was a great show. Played the songs I wanted to hear, danced a lot, and it was free.

Set 1: Wonderful Day, Love And Memories, Dareh Meyod (34th & 8Th Intro), Destination, Risen, About An Hour Ago, Lay Down, Untitled, Anyway, Delicate Few, I Feel Home > Redemption Son, That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker > Now Women Now Cry

Encore: Hey Girl

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U-Melt | 3.29.08 | Sullivan Hall, NYC
The celebration of my 21st!!!

We (Becca, Brian, LeighAnn, Myself) went up to NYC on saturday the 29th to celebrate my 21st birthday. We walked the town a bit, had dinner at Dallas BBQ, had one huge margarita, and then pregamed in the hotel for the U-Melt show at Sullivan Hall that night.

This night was awesome! We got to the venue and found a little table off to the left of the stage. We chilled there and watched Banooba finish up there set. They were ok. I didn't care for the singer. However, their encore was an awesome, high energy, cover of "Fire" by Jimi Hendrix. It was pretty rocking.

U-Melt graced the stage a little after midnight and opened with Robins Tale Pt1. It was good opener, a song I knew and the others recognized. I chilled at the table for a little while but couldn't stop grooving so I went down into the dance area with LeighAnn. It was really fun dancing there. The place was small and I was only 2 or 3 deep from the stage. They debuted a new song, Pura Vida, and it was pretty grooving. The first set was great but Becca and Brain had had enough and were going to head back to the hotel.

The second set blew me away! It was a palindrome (not that I realized it at the time, I was pretty drunk by this time, but still enjoying and aware). I just remember that they barely stopped and jammed the shit out of that set. It was fucking fire! Best present ever. They came back for an encore and closed the show with Robin's Tale Pt 2. Which was a great way to end the night.

On the way out I ran into Rob (the guitar player) in the lobby and we headed outside and chatted a bit. Told him I was from philly, it was my birthday, I'd see them on may 9th in philly. He was a pretty nice guy and it was awesome to meet him.

We made it back to the hotel and came home the next morning. It was a great weekend. The show was super amazing. One of the tightest jam sessions I have ever seen so far. That second set was mind blowing! I can't wait to see U-Melt again.

Set 1: A Robbin's Tale Part 1 (Marx Marvelous Moans) > The Eternal Groove > Sequel > Pura Vida*, Apostrophe > 415

Set 2: Clear Light > Panacea > Schizophreina > Late July's Lament > Green Paper Society > Kind Insight > Green Paper Society > Late July's Lament > Schizophreina > Panacea > Clear Light

E: Perfect World > A Robbin's Tale Part 2 (The Odyssey of the Animate Inanimates)

Show notes: *First time played (Original).

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List of Past Shows
I started seeing live shows back in 2000. I was 13 years old at the time. My first several shows were of Christian artist and most of the shows were really good. I took a hiatus from live shows from the end of 2002 till the summer of 2005. I graduated HS in 2005 and I got to see some shows that summer. I got hooked into the jam band scene at the end of HS and fell in love with it during the beginning of college. I feel I haven't yet completely experienced the live music scene. I've been down in Mississippi the past several years and the music scene is a bit lacking. However, I have seen several awesome shows in Starkville, MS while attending Mississippi State University. I am back at home in PA to finish school, just outside Philadelphia. I am older now, and have money, and plan on experiencing a lot more of the live music world. I'm looking forward to it.

Below is a list of the past shows I've been to. 18 in all. I'll then post on each show and write what I thought of it (can remember of it).

Audio Adrenaline, Raze, Fono, Riley Armstrong
2/17/00 Philadelphia, PA
The Electric Factory

Creation Festival 2000
6/28/00 - 7/1/00 MT. Union, PA
Agape Farms

Supertones, Switchfoot, Relient K
March 2001 Philadelphia, PA
The Electric Factory

Creation Festival 2001
6/27/01-6/30/01 MT. Union, PA
Agape Farms

Fallout 2001
Five Iron Frenzy, Relient K, Smalltown Poets
9/15/01 Allentown, PA
Faith Evangelical Church

Relient K, Philmore, Bleach
11/1/02 Pitman, NJ
The Broadway Theatre

Dave Matthews Band
6/25/05 Hershey, PA
Hershey Stadium

Dave Matthews Band
7/5/05 Camden, NJ
Tweeter Center

Dave Matthews Band
7/6/05 Camden, NJ
Tweeter Center

8/7/05 Camden, NJ
Tweeter Center

9/18/05 Nashville, TN
Starwood Amphitheatre

The Wailers
4/5/06 Starkville, MS
Cotton District

Robert Randolph & The Family Band
2/21/07 Starkville, MS
Rick's Cafe

Green Lemon
2/27/07 Starkville, MS
Rick's Cafe

Perpetual Groove
3/22/07 Starkville, MS
Rick's Cafe

Dierks Bentley
4/7/07 Starkville, MS
Frat House

Green Lemon
8/22/07 Starkville, MS
Rick's Cafe

Dave Matthews Band
9/22/07 Dallas, TX
Smirnoff Music Centre
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Alright here I am. I'm gonna utilize this journal feature of JamBase to write about the shows I've seen and the ones I want to see. I'd like to keep a written memory of these experiences to come back to because, well, memories can be hazy at best. Next timeĀ  I write i'm gonna list the shows that I have seen so far. And then i'll post for each show and write what I can remember of it. Also, post set list if I have/can get them.

I'm looking forward to keeping this thing up and i'm pretty glad that JamBase added it.

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