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Review: Hittin’ the Note - Issue 66, Exposing the gold in a Mountain Jam of CD’s
"And then there’s Peter Parcek, a guitarist and all-around musician who’s in a league in a game of his own. As an American blues wolf in London in the 1960’s, Parcek rolled and tumbled through the British blues explosion and absorbed it all, from the straight stuff to the blues-rock shrapnel. But he didn’t stop there, as is plainly evident on The Mathematics of Love. The Peter Parcek 3—including bassist Marc Hickox and drummer Steve Scully—have created one astounding record. Most of it sounds like it derives from post-war hill country blues, but these guys really move across a unique, twisty spectrum, 100 % of it mesmerizing. Parcek’s words are miles from the run-of-the-mill and his guitar solos burn at all kinds of intensities and color. He even trades nearly inconspicuous barbs with Ronnie Earl on the loose-limbed “New Year’s Eve.” And there’s definitely something about “Rollin’ with Zah,” where Parcek rapid-fire hen-pecks his way through a cool as a cucumber groove. “Tears Like Diamonds” rolls lazily like a J.J. Cale or an early Dire Straits, and “Showbiz Blues” trudges the hill side like Moreland & Arbuckle. Does extremely creative, accessible, and wonderfully played music sound enticing?" - Tom Clarke 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Mon 10/4/2010 9:39 PM