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Iowa City Press Citizen Write up for Jerusalem Ridge
Review of Jerusalem Ridge (2007)
Iowa City Press Citizen
"The Mayflies churn out a brilliant, balanced set of sparkling clear-water instrumental breakaways, gospel-inflected harmony showcases and, perhaps best of all, a half dozen more opportunities to hear why Stacy Webster is the best, most expressive pure roots singer to come down the pike in many a moon. Muscular, spirited and utterly captivating, this one's a real gem.

-Jim Musser (I.C. Press Citizen, No Depression)
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Album Description
The Mayflies play Kurt-Weill-loses-a-bet-to-Waylon-Jennings alternative country that veers from darkly funny to severely powerful. Their lead singer, Stacey Webster, has an idiosyncratic, classic country voice. They exist in some righteous corner of the universe that illustrates what might happen if a jam band stopped smoking weed long enough to pay attention to the music and concurrently started listening to a lot of The Band.
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