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2010.....the adventures begin again
Arrive in chicago around 2/17 . I was coming on vacation and to see some friends . I cant say which night but it was around the 19th i would say. There was a legit underground rave in the ghetto in chicago . It was so lovely...... Underground and locked up tight.....So freee..... And the, at one point, 300 people there were all in harmony and the kids i met and chilled with after felt like we were family .....Apparently they have just started to get this movement underway(pertaining to having these things underground and safe without any law enforcement present)....It was dope!!! Then 2/21 -2/22 Lotus played at Shubba's .....was the smallest lotus show i couldve imagined but tight and intimate. I am now chillin in the mitten contemplating the join 2night in Chi, but one thing is for sure.....I am on tour for right now .....Stops in Kzoo and TN soon .....Then from there havent decided. 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Sat 3/6/2010 9:49 AM