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The Crown Room to 2410
Friday night me and a group of buddies originally from the Dry-Shitties went dub steppin at the Crown Room in downtown portland. It was a pretty good time all in all with the fact of gel tabs getting forced into my mouth. Got all my underage friends in through the back door so they all bought me drinks... After the Crown room started to wind down and our ride had taken off we heard that the after party was going down at 2410.. So me Natty Iah Mcollah and T-Rad walked from the crown room to the 2410.. Belligerent of course and screaming at every person we saw on the way "HEY YOUR PRETTY CAN I PET YOU!" Needless to say I didnt get to pet the girl :(... Anyways we arrived at the 2410 and shit seemed to be crackin and better yet no one was even working the door at this point so we just walked in. There were a couple of hot ass DJ girlies rippin it on the table and a bunch of sexy girls up front... But after those girls got off the table everything changed it seemed like all the cute girls left and all the Batty boys dem come right out of hiding... Sooo we BOUNCED... After the fact of all the battys it was a pretty good night...
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