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"This record sounds great! Good sound, great playing and I especially like 'Pet The Cat'."
- Brian Stoltz, Facebook (May 12, 2009)

"Trick Bag is a good band..." "I like this recording and it will live in my iTunes, so I can check it out again. The band's songs are great with good pockets, nice solos, and good playing."
- George Porter, Jr. , CD Baby review (Sep 01, 2008)

"Of all the ways to thaw out in a deep New England winter, New Orleans funk is the most inventive. With an avowed love of The Meters, this Lowell-based foursome does more than cover jambalaya-fueled tunes. Their influences are as diverse as snowflakes. "
- Kathleen Pierce, Lowell Sun (Jan 15, 2009) 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Tue 5/19/2009 10:24 PM
Got Groove?

"Now, put some stank on it!"

Drum tight, booty shakin', sweat drippin', New Orleans-style funk music from New England's finest funk ensemble, Trick Bag. Now playing at Jake's Dixie Roadhouse, 220 Moody Street in Waltham,  on Saturday, November 22nd. Awesome BBQ, funky music, what's not to like? This is going to be a night to remember! Join the boyz in the bag for a night of groovin', drinkin', and dancin'! Got Groove?

With deep musical roots that stretch back to Africa, New Orleans funk defines a unique sound, mixing Caribbean rhythms, New Orleans second-line syncopation, and the soul of rhythm & blues. Just as the Big Easy gave birth to Jazz, a Black musical form centered on rhythm, improvisation, freedom, and collectivity at the turn of the century, many American musical traditions began within these city limits, showing New Orleans as the birthplace of American music. 

It's all about the groove.

It's always been about the groove. You know it, and you can believe this band knows it. Trick Bag specializes in the music of New Orleans, especially that of modern funk artists such as the Meters & Neville Brothers, pumping out grooves hatched in the roadhouses and house parties of south Louisiana. But more than a cover band, Trick Bag puts their own stamp on every groove-infested number they play. And how could they not? 


This band is made up of four very seasoned players, bringing decades of experience in hard working bands to this party. These guys have something to say, and say it they do, grooving hard on New Orleans styles cooked-up hot & nasty and served their way.


Trick Bag is composed of four core players: guitar, piano & hammond organ, bass, and drums. Two of the players are lead vocalists. Between them they’ve done stints with a good many successful bands, including the Boston Horns, Soul City, Rhythmo Loco, the Northeast Rhythm Collective, Gary and the Gang, Soul Inspiration, Phil Grenadier, Tal Shalom-Kobi, The DF3, OGMF, the Swanky Moes, The Natives, Unity, Flipside, and a good many others.


The Trick Bag repertoire focuses on music of the Meters, Neville Brothers, other staples of the New Orleans groove, and a peppering of like-minded originals. It’s all about the groove...

Trick Bag's debut CD release, Hip Shot, is becoming a staple of the indie release market. The concoction of  barrel house vocal numbers and searing instrumentals, all rolled up in a feel-good package of party energy and drum-tight, butt-shakin’ grooves can be found at the following URLs:


CD Baby:





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Having just shared the stage with the Nevilles, Trick Bag wants you to hear the new CD...

New England's finest funk ensemble, playing tribute to the funky stylings of the birthplace of American music, New Orleans. Check out their newest CD releast, "Hip Shot" at

or at CD Baby:

It's always been about the groove, the pocket. You know it, and this quartet knows it. In fact, they've all known it for a long time, even while cutting their teeth working with various ensembles, some of them excellent, some not so good. It's all part of the growth experience, no regrets. Among the better gigs for these four have been the Boston Horns, OGMF, Soul Inspiration, Chubby Checker and Frankie Avalon, Vital Functions, Dr. Awkward, Mamadou Diop, as well as a few Broadway and off-Broadway shows along the way.

Who knows what it takes to bring creative minds together in the right formation? A culmination of influences and experiences, a gelling of attitudes, personality types, a mutual love for the music of New Orleans (and specifically of the New Orleans-born funk pioneers The Meters), an unspoken collective realization that it's all about the groove, the pocket. Immediately upon playing together, it was apparent that this project would be more than a rambling jam band, and far more than just the sum of it's parts. The time had come to cancel any other prospective auditionees, time to put the ear to the ground, and start playing the rhythms and harmonies of the people. Get back to people's basic human desire to feel the rhythm, to sing along with the band, to shake their asses, and get it in their souls.

Far from "a Meters cover band", this group consists of four unique individuals: Mark, Mike, Dave, and Mike. (Upon hearing Dave's playing, the other three waived the unspoken prerequisite that all band members have a name that starts with "M"...) Each of these members brings to the table his own unique interpretation of the New Orleans style of funk that the group focuses on. There are Meters tunes, as well as other staples of the New Orleans sound, along with a peppering of originals that echo the feel-good, tight-yet-loose grooves, and the overall improvisation. Some jazz influence here, some African influence there, a little Miles Davis mixed with some Stevie Wonder, maybe with a little bit of Maceo Parker sitting in with Sly & The Family Stone added to the mix. Would Coltrane approve? How would Frank Zappa feel about it? Would this pass the James Brown test? Mark, Mike, Dave, and Mike, collectively known as Trick Bag would like to think so. It is all about the groove, right?

Living for the groove, giving it up for the pocket. This is the real thing, because, you know, these guys really give a funk about the music. How about you?

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