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Does it offend you, yeah¿ Allston, MA
This show was awsome. They gave so much amazing energy to the crowd. and i got up so fuckin close i was able to like make out with the singer. The kids there were suprisingly older than me. I was expecting a wierd crowd of liek 13 year olds who are in love with like taking back sunday and all.. It was nasty, the lights and the small venue. Best show to end the sumer with. 2 Comments :: Permalink :: Mon 9/1/2008 6:27 PM

I have suchh great friends!


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Lotus in North Hampton

ahh i cant concentrate in class! ITS TOMORO! I dont have a ticket, but im willing to buy one from a sketchy ass scalper, or even give dome for someones ticket! Ive been dying to see lotus for such a long time. Im meeting up with such old friends there. its gunna be so dannkkkk! next week im hitting up DISCOO BISCUITTSS and then a week after that show is the show ive been anticipating for 6 months UMPHREYS MCGEE!!!!!. im so pumped for the next 3 weeks.

i wonder if there'll be any nitrous tanks around..

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tea leaf green NYE

I found out a few hours ago that my friend just got the tickets.

UGHH a rush of excitement hit me so fast. Ive never seen them or the wailers so i want to have the best night of my life.  Counting down for the new year should be a blast also.i cant wait to meet new people and dance till' my legs fall off. I go through concert withdrawals when its been to long, the last show i saw was Assembly of Dust at the living room which was also an amazing show, but i know it wont compare to TLG.

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