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All Good Early Bird tickets FEB 26

They are up a couple of bucks from last year. Are you getting yours early?

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3 Bands For This Summer!!!!

First After seeing STS9 a handful of times this summer I'm really excited to see whats going to happen next. I enjoyed all of the venue shows but so far All Good takes it for me.  At All Good 2007 STS9 delivered a well-articulated set full on with the lights and the perfect atmosphere of the fog. The Bass lines roared through the crowed as is if an audible tsunami pushing its way throughout the mountaintop. The lights played well of the fog and seemed to amplify the already amazing effects.


Second I Would Have to say Yonder. What Else needs to be said. Day or night these guys throw down awsome sets every time!!! Third Is the Disco Biscuits. These shows are nasty. Great music and great fans. I def. looking foward to Camp Bisco this year 2 Comments :: Permalink :: Mon 2/25/2008 11:56 AM