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About me:I'm an aspiring music journalist and developing musician. Though I am exceptionally omniverous in my musical appetite, I crave blues, bluegrass, folk and reggae to no end. I also enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and skateboarding when time and weather allows. I'm not overly interested in meeting those who go by the book. If I wanted to know everything about them I could just stay home - read the book. It's the ones who really get high by sliding off the page who set fire to my intrigue; and they take me to new places. PEACE
Member Since:March 28, 2011
Last Login:April 10, 2011
Location:Bowling Green, OH
Birthday:January 24
Music means to me:Music will never create a cure for cancer or develop a new form of energy, but it will also never lead to advanced biological weapons or stronger nuclear missles. Some play down the importance of music. I ask them to for one minute imagine a world without it. If you ask me, it's one of our greatest accomplishments.

Bleed Sound.
Schools:Bowling Green State University - Print Journalism
General Interests:The well-being of this kick-ass planet we keep spinnin' on.
Other Distractions:Sunny days, my guitar, drums and girls. They are welcome distractions, however.


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