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About me:Local acoustic folk/bluegrass musician up here in soggy Seattle, WA with all kinds of wants for time on my hands. It's all about the music, baby.
Member Since:March 4, 2005
Last Login:August 29, 2012
Location:Seattle, WA
Music means to me:Music is my means of prayer, immediate and direct conversation with Great Spirit. Music makes the moment, it defines the foundation of humanity and moves us all in profound ways. I believe the great improvisors are like holy men and women; they talk directly to the Universe as a matter of breathing.
General Interests:Bluegrass,Blues,Harp,Singer/Songwriter,folk,mandolin,fiddle,harmonicas,banjo,accordian,summer music festivals,house concerts,open mics,recording equipment and technique,foot stompin,Burning Man,Jam Bands,and most importantly my Life Partner Heather
Other Distractions:Skydiving,Cycling,Tattoos,Camping/Hiking,Food,Beer,Wine,Coffee,Watercolour Art,Writing,Poetry,Photography,


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