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About me:I keep well-informed but I don't take myself too seriously. I pride myself on my sense of humor and I've had as much fun as a person can have. I think this world is only a small step away from turning in the right direction. Most people who have gone down the wrong path did so because they they realized how many others are the same way. This is the reason why selfless people who go out of their way to help others are often considered to be fools. It is altering this perception that will be the first step towards real change. ..
Member Since:November 11, 2003
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Location:Pompano Beach, FL
Birthday:November 23
Music means to me:Music is confirmation that there is more "out there". It's a Universal language transmitted by beings but conducted by the cosmos. I love it all! I listen to Bluegrass, Ambient Electronica and everything in between. I love to go to Shows and experience it live. I go to ALL kinds of shows. Too many people are caught up in one particular "scene" and they only really listen to one or two genres. I'll check out any band or group at least once, if they're good at what they do, then I will appreciate seeing them do it. Popularity is not a good way to measure music. Some of the best shows I've seen have been in an empty room and some of the worst have been in front of a sell out crowd. I love going to Jam Band shows but at home I really only listen to the big three: 1.The Grateful Dead, 2.Phish and 3.Widespread Panic. What I'm mostly listen to right now is Undergound Hip Hop and Indie Bands. My favorite artists going are - [Indie]: Noah Kusack, The Arcade Fire, ...Trail of Dead, and Built to Spill - [Hip Hop]: El-P, Mr. Lif, Murs and Quasimoto/Madlib - [Jam]: Stillwood, Billy Gilmore, Brother Bean, Anchient Harmony, Perpetual Groove &; Sound Tribe Sector 9 - [Rock]: Ween, Weezer, Wilco, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins - [all time favs]: PHISH, The Dead, The Beatles, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Pavement, Led Zeppelin, and all other CLASSIC ROCK - [Favorite Albums]: The Beatles, "The White Album" and Company Flow, "Funcrusher",
General Interests:Living, loving, laughing, eating, cooking, gardening, dancing to live improvisational music, other cultures and the great outdoors.
Other Distractions:I love to read, especially; The classics, Political/Military History, Philosophy, and Mystery Thrillers. My Favorite authors include; Charles Bukowski, Fitzgerald, Kafka, Harry Crews, Carl Hiasen and Dave Barry. A few of my favorite books; - [Mystery Thrillers]: "Dirty South", "The Beach House", "Tricky Business", and "Sick Puppy". [Classics]: "A Conferderacy of Dunces", "Cat's Cradle"' "Animal Farm", "The Jungle", "Siddhartha", "The Sun Also Rises" "The Corrections"(2001) and of course the best book ever "The Catcher in the Rye" (Fuck! the phonies)

I do not own (or want) a television but I love to watch concert dvds and movies, especially; independent films and dark comedies, my favorite directors are Wes Anderson (ex. "Bottle Rocket", "Rushmore", "The Royal Tenenbaums") and Todd Phillips (ex. "Bittersweet Motel", "Old School", "Starsky and Hutch" and "School for Scoundrels") - A few of my favorite movies are "Donnie Darko", "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", "Igby Goes Down" and "The Door in the Floor", [Independent]: "Little Miss Sunshine", "Rick", "Factotum", "The Squid and the Whale", "American Splender", The Tao of Steve", "Roger Dodger", "Owning Mahoney", "Half Nelson" "Acts of Worship" and my favorite movie:"Bittersweet-Motel"


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