About me:I came to Nashville to pursue a dream. Music. Being the person responsible for curing people's musical hunger by introducing them to new irresistable sounds created by upcoming artists.

I still and always will have music pumping through my veins on a daily basis. I will create my own mark there. I have already started.

I still love pedalbikin'. I wish I had health insurance to really get my ass on a bike and see if I could possibly have skillz. I will always support those crazy mudda fukkaz.

I still like the stage and a freestyle.

I still laugh just as hard, smile just as much, and await the next time I will meet someone who is new who does the same.

And I am most certainly passionate about the things I enjoy and ambitious to make my dreams come true.
Member Since:April 25, 2002
Last Login:July 19, 2010
Location:Nashville, TN
Birthday:September 26
Music means to me:Everything.
Schools:Youngstown State University, Ohio University
General Interests:.. anything that stirs an emotion. The Grateful Dead, Aesop Rock,*H-Beam*, Bockman, Clutch,*Green Lemon*, Johnny Cash, Atmosphere, Guns and Roses, TubRing, anything Moonshine produces,*The Loft*, Mars Volta, Phish, Slum Village, the Beatles, *Polytoxic*,MOS Def, Bob Marley, and You Will Know Us By the Trail of the Dead, Deftones,*Corleone* Jurassic 5, Old 97's, the Ramones, CKY, *Greyhounds*, Tribe Called Quest, Keller Williams, the Pixies, *HOBEX*, Queens of the Stone Age (and everything from the family tree~ i.e. Kyuss, Desert Sessions), NIN, Erikah Badu, Flaming Lips,The Band, CCR, Autolux,*Mile 8*, Beastie Boys, Ray LaMontagne,*Dubconscious*, Mason Jennings, Eminem, Downtempo is sick, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, *Bockman*, Year of the Rabbit, Jane's Addiction, *Spoonfed Tribe*,KRS One, Medeski, Martin, and Wood, Police, *The Seth Yakovone Band (RIP)*, Led Zepplin, fukken Madonna, *Old Union*, Ritual Space Travel Agency, Hi-Tek, *SeepeopleS*, Reverend Horton Heat, *Mystic WIP Hustler*, Tool, the list goes on and on and on and on...


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H-Beam to release new full-length album, Useful Box of Hair
Wed 9/2/2009 9:53AM