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About me:Im a prety cool guy. I play drums and disc golf alot. I want the band Phish to come bact together soo bad I would rather get punched in the dick every day then go another year without a summer tour; Instead I go to summer camp every year And hit up any good shows I can find in the Quad city area.
Member Since:June 16, 2008
Last Login:April 2, 2011
Location:Geneseo, IL
Birthday:August 17
Music means to me:music mens that there I s hope left on earth; that there is some good left to be nutured in the crazy ass world we live in. music can be used as a tool to break down social barriers, and language barriers. If you learn an instrument you can have a conversation with any one, no matter what language they speek, or what ethnicity they are.
Schools:High School diploma from Geneseo High School
Starting second year of community college in August
General Interests:Swimming, Disc golf, Water skiing, Wake boarding, Hand percusion, Fishing camping, Jamming, Mountian biking, Jazz, Green beans,
Other Distractions:Vegetation


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