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About me:art, adventure, being social, chilling, dancing, drawing, dressing up, drinking coffee, going to shows, going to parties, laughing, learning, listening, meeting new people.
Member Since:February 28, 2010
Last Login:September 9, 2013
Location:Arvada, CO
Birthday:July 21
Music means to me:2tone, acoustic, beatboxing, comedy, crunk, doom, dub, dubstep, east coast, electroclash, electronic, experimental, folk, freestyle, funk, grime, grind, hard-house, hip-hop, hyphy, indie, jam, metal, noise, old-school, pop, psychedelic, punk, rap, raggae, riot grrl, roots, ska, skacore, techno, underground, westcoast, world, whomp...
General Interests:adventure, astrology, astronomy, bass drops, beats, being a girl, books, boys, break downs, build ups, colorado, community, change, chaos, cities, coffee, creativity, crowds, curiosity, day in the lyfe, denver, the desert, diplomacy, diversity, drums, experience, friends, fun, graffiti, happiness, hip-hop, India, intellect, journalism, jokes, juxtapoz, love, loud music, moon, nature, night, nostalgia, octopi, paint, piercings, people, perspectives, philosophy, questions, reading, retrospect, respect, revolution, shoes, shows, stencil art, sun, tattoos, travel, trees, Tupac, turntables, underdogs, unity, writing, youth, zombies...
Other Distractions:always distracted.


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