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About me:I am a woman who loves my children, my granddaughter and my music. I cannot wish for the moon, the stars or the comfotrs of but I can wish for peace and to bring comfort and a smile to those who need it most. If I can do something kind for one person every day, then my day is truly successful.
Member Since:March 25, 2008
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Location:Bloomfield, NJ
Birthday:January 9
Music means to me:As a child of the sixties when musc was pure, raw and so sweet, I have wonderful memories of living in Harlem, and of seeing the greatest soul artist in music history perform at the Apollo Theater. But even back then, my love of music was not limited to soul. I have always loved all types of music . My taste in music are, without a doubt, diverse, for It is the music that moves me, not the color of the musician's skin.
My mom would tease me that I was the only black kid in the neighborhood who loved The Beatles more than breathing .... Music is my Soulmate, I am filled with the light and joy it brings. As lond as I can feel the music, I am never alone.
Schools:B.A.- Art History
M.A. - History
General Interests:Making the world a happier, healthier place, Music, Art, Photography