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About me:My name is Becky and I am trying to get more in touch with live music. I have only been to one concert in my life (yeah I know) and Im 24 years old. I am actually going to Jam on the River this weekend so it will open up my variety just a little and I wont be such a loser anymore. So Im here to learn and listen!!
Member Since:May 21, 2007
Last Login:May 31, 2007
Location:Statesville, NC
Birthday:November 26
Music means to me:Music to me is much is brought out in the lyrics of a song. People write these from there hearts and mean every bit of it and thats the kind of musis I love. The ones you can relate to and learn from. Music that takes you somewhere you want to be!!
Schools:North Iredell High School
General Interests:I love to listen to music, ride four wheelers, go swimming, take the boat out on Lake Norman, road trips....
Other Distractions:Something new with me is that I am learning a thing or two about Chakras...Im wanting to get to know my innerself and learn about the energys our bodys have. Its real interesting and involves some meditation which I think works wonders. It really puts you at ease...I guess I will see:_


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