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About me:The Barry Mando Project is the latest endeavor of some of the best musicians in Lexington. The trio is comprised of Danny Williams on Electric Baritone Mandolin, Danny Cecil on Acoustic and Electric Bass and Paul Deatherage on Drums and Percussion. Between the three musicians the list of experience reads like a who's who of the best bands around. This project, though, is a very unique instrumentation with a very eclectic range of musical diversity. DW says "Now a days there is so much good music out there and we are influenced by it all." This special band is playing mostly original compositions from Danny Williams and some well arranged covers. This idea of variety makes this group stand out amongst the crowd. There are elements of Funk, Jazz, Neo-Soul, Rock, Electronica and World music. "I am from the camp of Duke Ellington when he said 'There are two types of music. Good and Bad' when I heard that for the first time it made so much sense."
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Location:Lexington, KY
Music means to me:Everything.