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About me:I like chillin, having a good time you know. hip hop music is what ive been a fan of since i was a young boy,mostly indie hip hop these days, but i dabble in other genres also...good music is good music...if it makes u think, relax, reach a nice state of mind, or gets you is good music. I love being happy, i hate stress, but u know what they pain no gain. Love to travel, love being on a boat on a lake on a nice summer day....straight maxin and relaxin, but i also like to party and be a crazy person. U got one life so live it to the fullest, and as Bob Marley would say "Don't worry, be happy"
Member Since:March 18, 2008
Last Login:March 28, 2012
Location:Bloomfield Hills, MI
Birthday:April 17
Music means to me:Music is the greatest type of human expression that there is. Without it a person's life would be much more monotonous and boring.....basically music makes my life much more illin for when I am chillin
Schools:Western Michigan University . . . But i wanna get the eff out
General Interests:Herbals, Traveling, Humor, Funny People, The Outdoors, Having a good time in general
Other Distractions:Good Movies, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, My undeniable love of life.

Peace Out Son


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