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About me:I am in a band based out of the Philadelphia suburbs called Catullus. I have been playing music for years and have seen friends and fellow musicians come and go but have never lost the love and passion for this thing.
Member Since:May 13, 2013
Last Login:September 29, 2015
Location:Audubon, PA
Music means to me:Music is one of the most important things in my life. Considering the fact that I myself play in a band and spend a LOT of personal time, that is when I am not slaving at work, writing, rehearsing, and practicing the art. It is not an easy one so it's also a struggle to keep up with the ever evolving genres and just the music scene as a whole. I know one thing, I will never stop playing and will sure as hell never stop listening to what makes me tick.
Schools:Methacton High School, Drexel Universtiy
General Interests:Playing music, whether it be on the bass, guitar, keys or drums. Love dabbling with them all.
Other Distractions:The love of my life, Jenny Peezn, is my only other distraction but at the same time she is my motivation as she is an artist herself, only in the literary world. Keep an eye for this one!


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