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the best things in life don't happen unless you take risks, don't be afraid to love someone. be who you are and hope people accept you. if they don't, too bad. always be real and never be fake. smile when your happy, cry when your sad. never hold emotions inside. let yourself risk getting hurt, let yourself try something new. not what other people tell you to do. fall in love; take a chance. hope the other person feels the same. love is a risk. it could bring pleasure or pain or even both. life is just a gamble, you never know what it will bring. live for the moment and dont dwell on the past. find the good in everybody. THINK POSITIVE AND DO POSITIVE. follow your heart and do what you feel is right!
--- K.W.
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Music means to me:the meaning of ones soul and the spiritual connections whom 1 can have through the different types, sounds and meanings of music and songs.


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