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About me:I'm a human, being.
I sing in a band called Antioquia.
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Location:Berkeley, CA
Birthday:September 28
Music means to me:good times, expressing love & pain, a great excuse to talk to strangers, something everyone understands, healing, a great reason to keep on living.
General Interests:healing the world, making it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race.

oh, and treehouses, and supporting farmers who grow healthy food without chemicals sprayed all up in it and take care of the land and their animals, and talking to strangers.
Other Distractions:"They Take Our Jobs - and 20 other myths about immigration"
by Aviva Chomsky

I wish everyone in the world could read this book right now. Or at least everyone in the US.
People born in other countries, and people born with brown skin IN the us are being villainized; used as a blanket scapegoat for the failing economy. People who don't understand the reality are being hoodwinked by the media to believe that immigrants are bad. If everyone knew the history of immigration and border policy in this country, and more about the direct relationship between US foreign policy and living conditions in countries we exploit, we could start focusing on the REAL criminals & culprits of our financial situation -- the banks & multinationals!