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About me:I really wish I could write something intreguing, mysterious, or at least interesting... but I'm pretty much a normal Midwestern mom. Well, ok, normal is relative, but for a Deadhead, I'm a normal Midwestern mom. LOL!
Member Since:April 27, 2006
Last Login:May 9, 2008
Location:Lawrence, KS
Birthday:July 16
Music means to me:Wow... music connects me with everything Divine in the Cosmos. Dancing is how I pray.
Schools:Well, ok, I'm working on my Master's Degree. I attend the University of Kansas, and my BA is from there.
General Interests:Well, music, but that's kind of a DUH. Mythology, storytelling, tarot, reading, camping, tree hugging.
Other Distractions:My kids! Watching the Food Network and the History Channel.


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