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About me:I'm 20 years old with a fiance that i've had for 3 years (it'll be 4 this June 23!) his name is Johnathan and he's the love of my life! We also have 2 babies Daisy Duke and Charley Marley.. I have 2 other cats Romeo and Puss N' Boots and a Betta named Bert (Ernie died recently, he was almost 1).. I'm a country girl at heart but i'm mostly into Physcopathic music like ICP, Twiztid, KMK, Boondox, Tech N9NE, and all the oldies like Clapton, The Eagles, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Metallica, AC/DC and bunches of others...Too many to list.... I can be very loud at times, but i'm a very sweet and giving girl... I'm trying to live my life to the fullest.. I've had waayyy to many friends die the past 3 years of over doses and being killed... I HATE DRAMA- DON'T BRING IT NEAR ME...We're not in Highschool ne more! If u wanna get to know me just say so!
Member Since:October 22, 2008
Last Login:October 22, 2008
Location:Broken Arrow, OK
Birthday:March 2
Music means to me:Music is life- there always a story to tell behind the lyrics if u listen you'll know what they say and it'll mostly relate to u in some way or another
Schools:I graduated?
General Interests:my fiance, music, love, mascara, sharpies, juicy couture, Coach, Shoes, poems, reading books, texting, playing on myspace/facebook
Other Distractions:Glitter, sparkly things, Carebears, Soap Operas......hah


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