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About me:I am the biggest dork ever. I don't like people that much. Uh, I love music, singing, writing, traveling, and taking names...

Indie rock bands are my favorite. Lime green is the best color ever.

I am the most self-conscious person that you'll ever meet. I am obsessed with brushing my teeth. And, if I cut my hair...I'll cry.
Member Since:August 10, 2006
Last Login:August 13, 2006
Location:Springfield, MO
Birthday:June 29
Schools:St. Clair Elementary School, Carman Trails Elementary School, Parkway South Middle School, Lafayette Bible Baptist Academy, College of the Ozarks, and then Culver-Stockton College.
General Interests:Singing, performing, traveling, sleeping, eating, cereal, writing, laughing, hanging out, live music, Branson, Amsterband, MySpace, online journals, photography, booking, indie rock bands, Dr. Pepper, music, friends, dental hygiene, the color lime green, tomatoes...
Other Distractions:Movies: Hardball, That Thing You Do, Tommy Boy, Dickie Roberts, Dead Poets Society, Return To Oz, Matchstick Men, Black Sheep, Napoleon Dynamite, Meet The Parents, Pride & Prejudice (2003), Benny & Joon, Wedding Crashers, Just Like Heaven, The Benchwarmers, Forrest Gump, Duplex...

TV: American Idol, America's Got Talent, The Biggest Loser, Prison Break, Tru Calling, King of Queens, King of the Hill, Hell's Kitchen, CSI, The Cosby Show, Unsolved Mysteries, Roseanne...


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