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About me:I am a skateshop. I was born in 1985. I was one of the first skateshops on the east coast and one of the longest running ones in the country. My dads are f-ing great. They're not gay, they just take care of me. They buy me shit so I can sell it for them. I have shiney hardwood floors. There's a big window that people can see in and I can see out. I like to watch TV, mostly skate videos that you can see through the window. I have a cat that lives with me, his name is shopcat. He's named after me. He climbs all over the clothes in the store. I don't feed him though, they still do that. But enough about the cat. I'm involved in building a skatepark for my town that I grew up in. I host art shows, fundraisers, parties and contests. I support art in my local community - why, cause I am a skateshop.
Member Since:August 12, 2010
Last Login:August 12, 2010
Location:Ambler, PA
Birthday:May 8
Music means to me:Passion. Bump and grind.
General Interests:Music Art Surfing Skateboarding and music and art and once in a while snow
Other Distractions:Hot women, work, fat people


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