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About me:I <3 music! I <3 life!

I am an optimistic person, to say the least. I'm one of 5 girls. I adore my sisters, each and every stinking one of them. (and my nieces too!)

I can't stand negative people that complain about anything and everything. Just get over it already and move on! I lovvve music. Wherever I am, music is. Love doing things on a whim. Love appreciating all that surrounds me. Life can be over in a heartbeat, don't take anything for granted. Definitely stop and smell the roses (doesn't necessarily need to be a rose... just stop and smell it, see it or do it!). If you've got the urge, DO IT.

I enjoy photography, philosophy and PEOPLE. I am one of the most personable people I know. Everywhere I go I tend to meet new people and make new friends.

Love hitting as many shows as possible... even if it means going alone because everyone else is busy or has plans.

So, in a nut shell, LOVE PEACE & HAPPINESS.

Member Since:May 16, 2008
Last Login:November 12, 2013
Location:Westville, NJ
Birthday:August 15
Music means to me:Everything.
General Interests:Sports (watching/participating). Writing. Live shows. Live shows and more live shows. Going to festivals.

Basically... just living and loving life. I tend to be rather optimisic and try to make the best out of every situation.
Other Distractions:Sunny days! Can't stand being cooped up on a sunny day.

The Jersey Shore.


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