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About me:I'm a guitarist. I love to go to concerts. I support my son's bands (he's a great drummer), and I like most of the local bands that they play gigs with. I listen to the Blues, Classic Rock, Proto-Punk, Garage, 70's Glam, Power Pop, Soul / R & B, Funk, Reggae, Alternative / Grunge / Indie... I'm put off by noise that hurts my ears, because life's really to short to listen to shitty music.
Member Since:May 13, 2010
Last Login:February 8, 2011
Location:Fullerton, CA
Birthday:September 12
Music means to me:As a player / maker of music, I think it mostly means freedom to express your soul, your creative being, your inner mojo... To let your spirit speak with your fingers through the strings, keys, or skins. It's a beautiful thing...

As a listener of music, I need to be moved by it. I'm always looking for that song or band that can play that song or songs, that gives me the chills, the goose bumps like I used to get every time I heard my favorite song. That's a special feeling you get when something is truly incredible and tantalizing to your soul... Like you need to get more of it. Like you have a jones for it. Gotta get me some more... That's why I go to so many concerts. I'm always looking for that feeling again!
Schools:Schools Out, Maaan!
General Interests:Family, Friends, Home Studio Recording, Angels Baseball, Collecting And Listening To Vinyl LP's & SIngles, Comedy, Good Beer & Wine, Movies, Tasty Food, Lakers Basketball, Cycling, Television (interesting shows, not reality TV), Pro & College Football, Vintage Stereo And Recording Equipment.
Other Distractions:My Wife (just kidding... or am I really?), Shitty Neighbors, Background Noise, Smokers (when I'm not smoking), Know-It-Alls, People That Talk At Concerts Instead Of Listening To The Music, Stinkin' Drunks, Loud Cell-Phone Talkers, Nosey People, Eaters That Smack Their Chops, Bad Drivers, Rudeness, Whiners, Snitches, and Thieves...