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About me:Hi my name is Adrian and I'm the guitar player of two local bands, we're called Demiurge and Shadows Vein. And I also play drums, bass and vocals besides guitar, not in the band just myself.
Check us out on myspace, or just type Demiurge, we don't have any songs on there just yet, but we're workin on that. But it tells you all about us and who our influences are. or just type Shadows Vein, we do have a few songs on our profile, so please go check them out.
Member Since:July 11, 2006
Last Login:July 12, 2006
Location:Fairmount, IN
Birthday:April 3
Music means to me:I love music, It's my life. I just love listening and playing music *smiles*
Schools:Madison-Grant High School
General Interests:Pretty much just music and girls, LOL.
Other Distractions:Beavis and Butt-head and I like adult swim, family guy, aqua teen hunger force, squidbillies, the oblongs, robot chicken. My favorite movies are, Wayne's world 1&2, baseketball, orgazmo stuff like that.