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About me:Abandoned Carnival (Christopher London) came to San Diego in the earlier part of 2008 expecting to take his music career to an inclined level. With an extensive resume as a Musicain/Dj in the Midwest and West Coast for 13 plus years, Chris decided it was time to let the world hear his thoughts through music at a larger scale. Collaborating with local Artist/Sound engineer Michael Ault who has toured the U.S. for 10 years with his former rock band, Chris discovered a distinct sound in production which has lifted heads across the map. In 2012, Dj Godfather (voted #15 as America's best Dj 2 years in a row) took an interest in a track titled, "We Speak Chinese" and remixed it for a soon coming release. Getting ready for upcoming tours, expect to hear Abandoned Carnival's distinct sound in original tracks and remixes with upcoming releases.

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