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About me:Matt thats my name. They call me Axel cuz i am a crazy ass. so thats my nickname. I am generous to others so they can have just as good of time as I am and, PAIN HEALS, CHICKS DIG SCARS, AND GLORY LAST FOREVER!
Member Since:March 14, 2008
Last Login:September 7, 2008
Location:Capistrano Beach, CA
Birthday:September 11
Music means to me:MUSIC IS WHAT MY LIFE IS ABOUT! It gets my adreline going on a daily basis and it makes me happier than shit! music brings people together! I love My music !I am a drummer in progress so i like loud shit to!
Schools:Self Taught! I make sence some times
General Interests:Play the drums, Raging the down hill mountain biking ! Partying like a mutha fukin animal. Raging the world and traveling anywhere i can go and working.
Other Distractions:this mooshoo i know is the most beautiful girl in the world


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