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About me:28, living in Atlanta, Georgia, which by most accounts I think has one of th emost lively music scenes in the country. I often times find myself skipping shows solely because I know it will be a matter of weeks before they are coming through town again. I work in television news which can be pretty depressing, so I count on my weekends to balance it all out.

Originally from Northern Virginia, and moved to Atlanta with no idea of what to expect, Ive found its a pretty cool town, and plenty of things to get involved in. I try and avoid political discussion because it frustrates me, but if challenged, Ill dive into the argument.

Also a huge fan of film, especially the documentary genre, and hope to start my own productions at some point in the near future. So that's the general info on me, I really hate answering this question, how are you supposed to accurately describe yourself in these little white boxes anyway? It's impossible....
Member Since:December 4, 2005
Last Login:March 8, 2010
Location:Atlanta, GA
Birthday:October 20
Music means to me:How do you answer this question? Clearly it's important, or I wouldn't spend so much time chasing live shows all over the city of Atlanta....
Schools:Warren County High School, Lord Fairfax Community College, Shepherd University
General Interests:Seeing music, playing music however awful it may be, being outside, reading, writing, watching sports, sitting on my front porch on a sunny day with a crossword
Other Distractions:Good documentary films, sifting through those coupon mailers you get and insisting your going to use the coupond but never do, I'm a sucker for Lost and Entourage, other than that I don't watch too much tv, just finished Into Thin Air, so I'm on a bit of a Mt. Everest kick....


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