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About me:My name is Carey. I'm a 21 year old student at Appalachian State Univesity in Boone, NC. I'm an English major with the goal of teaching English and Lit. on a college level. I love anything to do with the outdoors: rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, biking, rafting, etc. I love going to music festivals, meeting new people, conecting with new people, and getting to know a fellow kindred spirit!
Member Since:June 18, 2008
Last Login:November 20, 2010
Location:Lexington, NC
Birthday:August 1
Music means to me:Music is life! A day without music is like a day without sunshine! I don't understand people that say that they never listen to music at all! I ALWAYS have music playing. Music is a way to express one's self when there is no other way to explain thoughts or ideas! Music is life!
Schools:Currently working on my BA in English at ASU! Go mountaineers!
General Interests:Reading, writing, poetry, any thing to do with English! I love watching good movies...foreign films amaze me, as well as old black and white movies. Musicals interest me as well!

I'm also interested in the equal and kind treatment of all man kind and animals. We were only given one earth by our creator, we need to take care of it and protect it!
Other Distractions:Jumping in a pile of leaves, the smell of new books, rain boots, and the laughs of children!


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