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About me:In the 70's I was born with my hands on a bass and a microphone in my face.

In the late 80's/early 90's I was a alpha battery, 3/44, 32 air defense, gunner on a 20mm vulcan in Germany and I allways wore my ear plugs.

In the early 90's I was persecuted by the RIAA for bootlegging and found guilty of 151 counts.

In 1995 my house burnt down. I suffered smoke inhalation and lost it all.

Oct 1996 untill we disbanded in Feb 2006 I was a singer, songwriter and bass player in The Phipps Brothers with my brother Aaron. We recorded 3 cds of original music.

In 2000 I was enjoying sushi at NOBO, hanging out with Mark Seliger and Rusty Truck, working in Quad studios and on a Howard Stern birthday show in NYC with Lenny Kravitz and Tom "t-bone" Edmonds.

In 2004 I was in the U.K. mastering recording projects with the father of the british eq, John Oram.

In 2005 I was a recording engineer and bass player on Paul Lewis-Trading Horror Stories which received multiple GRAMMY nominations.

I am currently performing 3-5 times a week regionally as the front person- vocalist- bass player in PHIPPS & PHRIENDS.
Member Since:November 19, 2004
Last Login:December 2, 2009
Location:Gettysburg, PA
Birthday:April 15
Music means to me:everything!
Schools:school of hard knocks
General Interests:Recording, Bass Guitar, Singing, Jamming, Songwriting, Scoring, Movies, Vintage Pro Wrestling footage and Vinyl lps
Other Distractions:see my other pages;


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