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About me:I am a father of three beautiful kids, I love music! And food! I enjoy the adventures outdoors, as well as more inward journeys! I love camping with my family, going to shows and festivals, cooking and growing healthy, tasty food, and basically living each moment like I just got my "MIRACLE!!!"
Member Since:February 21, 2010
Last Login:May 9, 2014
Location:Rifle, CO
Birthday:June 30
Music means to me:Music is like a catalyst or a key 2 unlocking true happiness, enlightenment, and ultimately the meaning of life, THAT'S ALL!! :)
Schools:Mostly "OLD!"
Colorado mountain college
General Interests:Solar and wind power, simple living, organic gardening, overthrowing corrupt governing agencies, and whatnot...
Other Distractions:Shiny objects, tracers, optical illusions, Ice Cold Beer 2 for 5, dollar grilled cheese, you dropped your smile, I can tell you where you got your shoes and of course, "there's a hole in my bowl, can you plug it with a nugget!"


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