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About me:I'm a landscape designer in North Jersey.
Member Since:February 29, 2004
Last Login:March 18, 2014
Location:Weehawken, NJ
Birthday:November 29
Music means to me:I've been manic about music since I was 12 (23 years ago). An older cousin played Van Halen and it knocked me right out of the frame. Before that I liked Kenny Rogers because my old man liked Kenny Rogers. Van Halen begat all 1984 metal which begat Metallica which begat thrash, punk and hardcore which begat Fishbone;RHCP which begat Hendrix which begat THE GRATEFUL DEAD which first begat jazz and bluegrass and JerryBand then later begat TONS OF PHISH--> / wilco mmj indyer rock. Neil Young is the man cuz he covers every genre mentioned!!!
Schools:SUNY Cobleskill
General Interests:Trees & plants, Seeing shows in Manhattan, rocks & stones
Caving, mountain biking, Dave's Tavern on 9th Ave behind Port Authority, shooting 9 ball
Other Distractions:Waffles, http://shirt.woot.com/ http://week4paug.net/


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