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About me:my names tiffany. but you can call me what you will. alot of people call me tifferly. alot of people call me keeluh, cos my parents were so close to naming me either kayluh or keelie. you wont get far into my head, and you really wont understand most of the things i do or say and id like to keep it that way. my business is none of yours. i believe honesty is a virtue, and you can only truley live out your life with a constant awareness of our pending death. p.s. i live for horror movies, and thats obv :]. im STRAIGHT EDGE. nothing you do or say will change my mind. i tend to be quiet, but when i am in a social mood im loud and everyone can hear me. ive heard mofos talk and seen them drop. if i dont have a weapon ill pick up a rock, and when i bust yer ass ill continue to rock. haha psyche C:. im actually really nice so lets talk.
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Member Since:June 5, 2008
Last Login:June 5, 2008
Location:Odenton, MD
Birthday:November 25
Music means to me:i listen to music wayyyy too much. i seriously cannot live without it, its my breath.
General Interests:MY HUSBAND <3.

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