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About me:I'm laid-back, fun-loving, definitely an optimist. I like a good party and I also like a good conversation. I'm an ENTJ on the Meyers-Briggs, which means I'm very extroverted, very intuitive, moderately analytical and moderately organized. Sounds about right to me :D I can also be described as an Indigo.
Member Since:August 19, 2002
Last Login:March 17, 2015
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Music means to me:Music is divine ;) I love to dance to jam bands, live electronica, house, breakbeat...I'm always down to spread positive energy at a good show or festival.
Schools:Arapahoe High School, University of Colorado Boulder, Carnegie Mellon University
General Interests:I like to hike, mountain bike, ski, camp and generally do things outdoors. I also like Astanga yoga, which I've done on-and-off for the last 5 years. Volleyball is also fun, I'm a captain of an intramural grad team at CMU.

I am interested in art and have done work with acrylics, pastels, charcoal, and watercolor. I've also painted a mural, but I generally don't have time to do much art these days. I also like to sew and make jewelry and other crafts.

I love road trips and try to travel as much as possible.

Most of my time recently has gone towards being a graduate student, but I'll be getting my masters soon. Then I'm going to move and experience REAL life for a little while :) Once I find a research question worth sacrificing sleep for, I'll go back for my PhD.


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